Wag Therapy: Medicine is going to the dogs

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Black Lab

Four-legged CHI Health volunteers will be providing a little Wag Therapy at several of our hospitals on Wednesday, January 29th. The dogs will brighten everyone’s day, while helping relieve stress.

Wag Therapy is one more way CHI Health is committed to keeping our community healthy and bringing a smile to everyone’s face. The dogs are a welcome distraction from everyday stress.

They come from Midlands Pet Therapy and are licensed pet therapy dogs. You’ll meet Daisy, a Shepherd/lab mix; Piper a Mini Australian Shepherd mix; a German Shepherd named Rainey; Sam the Lab/Boxer; Henry the Dachshund and Roxie, a Maltese.

Some pooch points you may not know:

  • It wasn’t until 1980 that an early study found heart attack patients who owned pets lived longer than those who didn’t, suggesting they provided motivation for a patient to recover faster.
  • Other researchers soon found petting your own dog could reduce your blood pressure.
  • It’s since been shown pets can lessen depression and anxiety, decrease feelings of loneliness and even help dementia patients recover memories of their own dogs.
  • Studies now show that interacting with animals increases the hormone oxytocin, which makes us feel happier. It also can help the body heal.

So, yes, medicine is going to the dogs.

Please join us and our canine buddies – especially if you need a fun break.

What: Wag Therapy

When: January 29th 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Why: To help everyone’s day be brighter and happier

Wag Therapy will be held in the main lobbies at:

Media is invited to meet our canine friends at CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center - Bergan Mercy!

For more information, please contact:


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