Two Omaha Health Systems Team Up To Stop Violence

May 24, 2018

CHI Health, Nebraska Medicine Partner with Violence Prevention Group YouTurn

Omaha, Neb – The trauma centers at Nebraska Medicine and CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center – Bergan Mercy are all too often scenes of grief and anger as a result of violence taking place on our streets. Because of that, the two health systems are partnering with Omaha violence prevention group YouTurn. YouTurn supports families in crisis during stressful times and works to defuse any potential violence or retaliation when victims are brought in for treatment.

YouTurn will provide “street outreach workers” who will be dispatched to the two emergency departments to intervene and mitigate potential acts of violence or retaliation when victims of violence become patients there. The Omaha Police Department works in conjunction with YouTurn to deploy staff at each trauma center. YouTurn members will then work closely with family and friends who may gather on the two campuses.

“We as health care professionals see firsthand the unhealthy conditions that violence causes,” said Cliff Robertson, MD, CHI Health CEO. “That’s why we are passionate about reducing the number of violent crimes and injuries that present to the Trauma Center at CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center – Bergan Mercy, as well as to our emergency departments citywide. Working with YouTurn, we will make a difference by offering long-term solutions and resources to violence; ultimately, a different way of thinking.”

YouTurn team members will be debriefed by personnel at Nebraska Medicine and CUMC - Bergan Mercy on site to gain an understanding of the situation they’re being asked to help with.

“This partnership will be a valuable resource for our organization in dealing with violence,” said Dan DeBehnke, MD, MBA, CEO of Nebraska Medicine. “The team members at YouTurn have the knowledge and expertise in this area, so if a situation arises in which they can help, we will be happy to have them here to diffuse potentially tense situations. Additionally, the role of the hospital today is now more than to just treat patients when they’re ill. It’s to keep our community healthy, as well. In that regard, our work with YouTurn is a perfect fit.”

We are so excited to partner with these two organizations,” said Cecelia Creighton, executive director of YouTurn. “Violence is a public health condition, and the YouTurn movement to ‘Stop the Spread of Violence’ aligns with the work of the two trauma centers by saving lives. YouTurn is devoted to the hospital-based violence prevention initiative and our collaboration with Nebraska Medicine and CHI Health will help improve the health of our community.”