Teddy Bear Clinic Coming to Omaha Feb. 10

January 29, 2018

If your child’s well-loved Winnie the Pooh or other teddy bear needs some medical attention, CHI Health Clinic providers will be standing by to help.

See them at the Teddy Bear Clinic on Saturday, Feb. 10, at the Omaha Children’s Museum, 500 S. 20 St. Invite friends and neighbors, too! The event is open to the public and goes from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Besides stitching up a seam or sewing a button-nose on Teddy, the event helps to make visits to the doctor’s office less scary for children, said Elle Cooper, administrative coordinator, CHI Health Clinic. 

“Children can bring in their favorite stuffed animal for a full checkup – and at the same time learn about different tests and procedures,” said Elle. “Stuffed animals with bigger 'boo boos and more urgent needs will go to a 'procedure' area for extra care.” 

The Teddy Bear Clinic includes a free wellness screening for children. Meanwhile, parents can get handouts on different health topics and tips on helping their kids overcome a fear of going to the doctor.

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