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CHI Health Schuyler Maternity Center Planning May 17 Ribbon Cutting

May 04, 2018

SCHUYLER, Neb. — The public is invited to a ribbon cutting at 10 a.m. on Thursday, May 17, in the main lobby of CHI Health Schuyler for the Maternity Center, located at 104 W. 17th St. in Schuyler.

Mothers that deliver at the CHI Health Schuyler Maternity Center can expect peace of mind, personalized care and sacred skin-to-skin time.

“At CHI Health, we want to give you and your baby the best start possible,” said Connie Peters, President at CHI Health Schuyler. “That’s why we are providing expectant moms prenatal care and maternity services — close to home. New mothers and their families will feel right at home with our friendly staff and, after your delivery, you will enjoy special time connecting with your baby called The Sacred Hour. It’s precious time free from visitors and interruptions, creating a lasting, unbreakable bond.”

Dr. John Jackson III, an experienced family medicine physician that provides obstetric care, offers prenatal care to help you stay informed and healthy throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Schedule an appointment prior to conception or in the first 9-10 weeks of pregnancy by calling the CHI Health Schuyler Clinic at (402) 352-3745.

After much preparation, the Maternity Center is proud to announce that the first baby was born this week at CHI Health Schuyler.

“I’m feeling right at home again and so happy to return to offering obstetrical care in the Schuyler area,” Jackson said. “The staff is amazing to work with and I look forward to helping our community.”

For more information, log on to or call (402) 352-2441.