Kearney Sertoma Club Awarded 2018 Healthy Community Recreation Award

June 04, 2018

Chartered in 1962, the Kearney Sertoma Club shares a single purpose with Sertomans across the country: Service to mankind. It’s how they got their name. Nationally focused on hearing loss, locally the 65-member club has made a number of lasting improvements in Kearney.

Among the club’s projects are the Sertoma Tennis Courts and picnic shelters at West Lincolnway, Dryden and Harmon parks, and the Partners in Play Kenwood Elementary School playground.

One of the club’s most beneficial causes, according to Scott Hayden, Kearney Park and Recreation (KPR) director, has been the 25-year sponsorship of Team Tennis. "Each year this popular program gives more than 150 participants an opportunity to learn, play and enjoy tennis. For most, it’s their first introduction to a game that has the potential to turn into a lifetime of aerobic activity."

Hayden credits the club with helping the tennis program expand. "Providing an energetic atmosphere full of special contests and matches, at an affordable cost, the Kearney Sertoma Club has graciously and consistently reduced the barrier for thousands of kids through their sponsorship."

For improving the health of the community, the Kearney Sertoma Club will receive the ninth annual 2018 Healthy Community Recreation Award. This award, presented annually by CHI Health Good Samaritan and nominated by KPR, honors an individual or group who has shown outstanding leadership in organized youth or adult sports, wellness, and fitness activities in the community.

When asked about making a lasting impact by supporting facilities, programs and technology that make the community more enjoyable and inclusive, Kearney Sertoma President Mike Wilken commented, "As a group, we have been privileged to provide aid across the community. We appreciate the partnerships with the City of Kearney and other entities that do so much, and we try to contribute as we are able," Wilken said. "Kearney Sertoma Club is honored and humbled to receive this recognition as there are many other individuals and organizations that make Kearney such a great community."