Happiest Time of Your Life…Or is It?

Most new moms (80 percent*), experience mood swings triggered by rapidly dropping hormones and sleep deprivation known as the “baby blues.” 

For a few (15 percent*), those feelings of worry, unhappiness and fatigue turn into something more serious– postpartum depression.

“The excitement of a new baby comes with physical and emotional changes. It can become overwhelming and confusing. At times these feelings will not go away on their own,” said Chelsea Hunter, LCSW, CHI Health Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner.

“You are not alone. Talking to a trusted family member, friend, therapist, and/or getting professional support is one of the healthiest ways to heal.”

Help is available 24/7 by calling:

Seek immediate help if feelings:

  • Don’t fade after two weeks or get worse
  • Make it hard for you to care for your baby
  • Make it hard to complete everyday tasks
  • Include thoughts of harming yourself or your baby.

Chelsea Hunter, LCSW, LIMHP

Mental Health Therapy