Keep Your Joints a Rocking

Exercise is key to joint health. But what else can you do to decrease pain and reduce the stress on your joints?

Stop smoking

Smoking increases the risk of osteoporosis and bone fracture. Quitting will also improve your cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Keep moving

Activity eases stiffness and pain while strengthening the muscles surrounding your joints.

Low-impact exercises

Regular physical activity, like swimming, biking, elliptical machine, rowing, golf, and/or walking, helps minimize joint stress.

Healthy weight

A lighter load will reduce joint pain and stiffness and improve function. Shedding just one pound is like losing four pounds off of your knees – each, and every step.

Vitamin D and calcium 

Important nutrients improve bone health. Many Midwesterners are low on vitamin D, especially in the winter. Talk to your provider to see if you would benefit from supplementation. A simple blood test may show the answer.