Ask Your Baby Expert, They Are Here to Help

How often should I feed my baby? Is that poop color normal? What about co-sleeping?

It’s impossible for new parents to know everything. From daily parenting questions to big health care decisions, providers are available to help.

“Partner with a provider you trust to help you navigate parenthood, as well as someone with the experience and expertise you can rely on to keep your baby healthy and safe,” said Terry Becker, MD, Family Medicine and Obstetrics physician with CHI Health.

If you choose the right provider, the relationship can last a lifetime.

“Growing with and advocating for our patients–newborns through adulthood–we build lasting relationships in family medicine. Even more, we know you and your medical history inside and out. I have many families that I see five different generations of patients. This helps me to know that family thoroughly,” he added.

To find the right provider for your newborn, ask yourself:

  • Did the provider give me a chance to ask questions?
  • Was the provider really listening to me?
  • Did the provider explain things in a way I could understand?
  • Did I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts and concerns?
  • Did the provider seem to know about the latest medical advances?

The third trimester is when Dr. Becker recommends parents start looking for their baby’s provider. Don’t know where to start? takes the guesswork out of finding the right provider for your family.

Terry A. Becker, MD

Family Medicine,
Family Medicine with Obstetrics