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Answers for your aches and pains

We're all looking forward to our favorite activities. The question remains, “How will our bodies handle going from inactivity to full days of fun – overnight?”

“Stuck at home, mostly sitting, aches and pains only increased,” said CHI Health Sports Medicine Physician Dani Wooldrik, DO. “Putting off routine doctor’s visits prevented us from identifying problems early, so patients could rehab over the winter. I think we are going to see some strains, sprains and joint problems.”

To prevent discomfort, and not just on your scorecard, Dr. Wooldrik recommends a quick check-in with your doctor to address any lingering aches and pains.

“Pain is an alert that something needs attention. Your doctor can help determine what it is. It might be as simple as ice and elevate, physical therapy, or something we need to watch for surgical intervention.” Before you hit the links, warming up and stretching will keep you in the game longer. 

“Stretching a cold muscle can result in injury. Get your heart rate elevated and blood pumping first with some lunges, brisk walk, or slow-motion practice swings,” Dr. Wooldrik said. “Then run through some stretches to loosen up your muscles.”

Get back in the swing

Pain keeping you off the course? Back to GolfSM could be for you. This nationally recognized program uses three components to get you back on the links.

  • 1-on-1 session with physical therapist/certified Back to Golf SM instructor
  • Specialized treatment to free up restricted tissues/joints
  • Exercises/stretching for better movement/injury prevention

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Danielle L. Wooldrik, DO, CAQSM

Sports Medicine