Nebraskans Facing High Health Care Costs Can Save 30% with MD Save

01/25/21 News ,   CHI Health

At $1,500, Nebraska came in the highest among the 50 states in median out-of-pocket spending on medical care among people with employer coverage, according to the Current Population Survey (CPS), a federal survey of households.

Nebraska was also in the top three of states tallying more than $5,000 in combined household spending on insurance premium contributions and out-of-pocket costs.

One reason is the high number of Nebraskans with high deductible health plans or no insurance. 

Now there’s a new option for consumers with high deductible health plans or no insurance. It’s a comparison shopping tool that can save 30% or more on procedures.

That helps with unexpected expenses, such as a fall on the ice that injures your knee. If you need an MRI, with high-deductible insurance, you’d be on the hook for the full cost.

With MDsave, you have a more affordable option. 

This website is an online healthcare marketplace which allows consumers to comparison shop hospitals and providers. With MDsave’s upfront bundled price, the typical savings is 30% or more. After selecting a location and service, you pay online or select a payment plan and receive a voucher for the care.

The care provider is alerted and then contacts you to schedule the procedure. The voucher is all you need. No co-pay, no need to pre-authorize the service with insurance, no billing, no filing.

CHI Health implemented MDsave in multiple locations throughout Nebraska, starting with imaging and radiology, lab and drug testing, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services, and more!

“We’ve found this option to be increasingly popular with patients as they learn about it,” said James Santry, divisional vice president of CHI payer strategy and operations – Midwest region. “Nebraska has a higher than typical number of people in our market with high deductible plans, so this is a complimentary option.”

Statistics show it’s trend on the rise nationally:

  • 29% of employees are on high deductible health plans
  • 90% of employers offer high deductible health plans
  • 25% of employers offer only high deductible health plans

MDsave was designed to serve this growing segment of consumers. “Through this program, we’re able to bring predictability and transparency to health care transactions. People have more control over their spending because they can make informed purchase decisions based on a budget, whether they need routine preventive care or surgery,” said MDsave Executive Vice President, Kitty Cawiezell.

“Working with CHI Health, we are taking an important step toward making health care more accessible and affordable. We know that the cost of medical treatments is often a factor in consumers forgoing these services. We hope that our partnership will increase access to quality medical care in Nebraska and, as a result, help save lives.”