Screen Time: Good vs. Bad

With less social interaction, screen time has increased in many households. The most important thing you can do as a parent is set limits and monitor screen time.

The bad:

  • There are a lot of negative articles and conspiracy theories about the virus on the Internet, which can incite fear and anxiety among kids. Teach them what to look for in articles, how to think critically and ask information-seeking questions.
  • If social media isn’t monitored, it could have negative effects like cyberbullying.
  • Too much time spent on devices can cause unhealthy sleep and diet habits. Make sure a routine is in place and do what’s best for your family; give time frames for screen time.

The good:

  • Social media and electronic devices allow us to connect, which helps us initiate conversation and form or maintain relationships outside of the in-person realm.
  • Technology can also be used to enhance learning through games, activities and reading.
  • Accurate information is out there. Equip your kids with the tools to know what articles are factual and helpful.