The coronavirus is having an unexpected effect on health. Nearly half of Americans said someone in their family has skipped or delayed getting medical care due to the pandemic, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation Health Tracking Poll.

Even more alarming, 11% of respondents said their family member’s condition got worse due to that delay.

For those putting off an elective procedure out of caution or due to lost income, there’s a comparison shopping tool that can help them save up to 60% on medical services like imaging, general surgery and more.

Taking the guesswork out of billing – and saving money in the process – can help people move forward with much needed procedures.

The platform is MDsave, an online health care marketplace which allows consumers to comparison shop hospitals and providers. With MDsave’s upfront bundled price, the typical savings is 30% or more.

After selecting a location and service, consumers pay online or select a payment plan and receive a voucher for the care. There’s no co-pay, no need to pre-authorize the service with insurance, no billing, no filing.

The savings add up. A hemoglobin A1C lab test can drop to $22 from a sticker price of $66. The tool knocks $716 off the price of a CT scan with contrast, and a physical therapy visit drops from $252 to just $95.

CHI Health implemented MDsave in multiple locations throughout Nebraska, starting with imaging and radiology, lab and drug testing, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services. Starting in 2020, CHI Health began offering MDsave for additional services like maternity care and surgeries.

We’ve found this option to be increasingly popular with patients shopping for the best value for their health care dollar. We have 18 locations throughout Nebraska and Western Iowa offering lower cost services, such as lab tests, all the way up to more expensive services, such as bariatric surgery and obstetrics.

- Trent Booher, System Vice President of Payer Strategy and Relationships