Operation White Lights Movement to Uplift Health Care Workers Launches

12/11/20 News ,   CHI Health

CHI Health is launching "Operation White Lights" today in honor of all those called to care during the pandemic. The state-wide movement encourages the public to display white ribbons and white lights in support of health care workers everywhere.

"During the pandemic, people have been incredibly generous and they continue to ask what our frontline workers need and how they can help," says Cliff Robertson, CEO, CHI Health. "With an increased number of patients, this Christmas season is going to be busy for health care workers. Operation White Lights is a way to lift up our healers and bring us all closer together during a time when we are practicing social distancing."

White lights and white bows can be placed anywhere-homes, businesses, on car antennas and worn on lapels. Through the remainder of 2020, all 14 CHI Health hospitals will be displaying white bows outdoors on campus.

White, chosen because it symbolizes unity and hope, shows appreciation for not only doctors and nurses, but those crucial in the care of COVID-19 patients including housekeepers, respiratory therapists, paramedics and others.

"Day-in and day-out, our staff give of themselves. Most will be spending Christmas at work. That's not just happening at CHI Health, but hospitals, surgery centers and clinics across our region," said Dr. Robertson. "Seeing a flurry of white will remind health care workers everywhere that we care. This visible outpouring of support is sure to strengthen their resolve and carry them through."

With the promise of effective vaccines just around the corner, Dr. Robertson says the movement is also hope for brighter tomorrows.

"So many promising things have been happening in health care the last couple weeks. This year, Christmas is truly a time for hope for those impacted by this virus."