Mask Hacks: Helping Kids Cover Up

In Missouri, two hair stylists had close contact with 139 clients while unknowingly sick with COVID-19. Everyone including the stylists wore masks and no one else tested positive.

That’s the power of simply covering your nose and mouth. Masks are safe for adults and children as young as two. They do not restrict oxygen or build up carbon dioxide – and they can be worn all day.

To get kids comfortable with wearing masks, start with an age-appropriate talk. Young kids need to understand why. “We wear masks so you don’t get sick and so others don’t get sick.” Teens do better when their feelings are validated. “Masks are a hassle but they protect your teachers and older relatives from getting sick.”

Give Them a ChoiceLet kids pick out and decorate their masks or make one with material they choose.

Play Mask Make BelieveHave kids practice putting masks on stuffed animals and explaining why they are important.

Start Habits at HomeHave the whole family wear masks while watching television, so kids get used to it – and even forget they’re wearing one.

masking infographic