Feeling Down? We Care and Can Help

If you are not in a healthy state of mind, you are at a higher risk for physical problems. Our providers routinely ask patients about their mental health, and that continues during this time of uncertainty.

“We try to discuss the emotional toll that these times may have on our patients,” said CHI Health Obstetrician/Gynecologist John Cote, MD. Staying on top of the news is important, he said, “but because news of the pandemic is plastered everywhere 24/7, we ask patients to try to take a break from the news and get some fresh air.”

Take advantage of the beautiful spring days. “Open the windows and let the sun and breeze in. Not only could this decrease the risk of catching the virus but also it can improve your mood.”

For persistent sadness or anxiety, don’t hesitate to talk to your provider. CHI Health is the region’s largest mental health provider. We understand and can offer tools and strategies to help you feel better despite these difficult days. For help and answers, call 402-717-HOPE.