CHI Health to Host Drive-thru Flu Shots Throughout October

09/15/20 News ,   CHI Health

Stay in the driver’s seat when it comes to your health! CHI Health will be offering numerous opportunities throughout October for patients and families to swing through a drive-thru, get their flu-shot and get on their way to staying healthy this fall and winter.

“It is more important than ever to get your flu shot this year and to get it in October, before we have much influenza in our area,” said Michael Schooff, MD, CHI Health Primary Care Medical Director in the Omaha Metro. “Getting your flu shot will protect you and those around you and is another thing you can do to help our hospitals and clinics from being overwhelmed.”

CHI Health is offering drive-thru flu shots as a way to promote social distancing and convenience for the community as flu season quickly approaches. Appointments are strongly preferred, but are not required.

“This takes the hassle out of getting your flu shot,” said Dr. Renuga Vivekanandan, infectious disease physician, CHI Health-Creighton. “Driving thru and staying in your vehicle adds another layer of protection for our patients and our health care workers. It’s quick, easy and a crucial step in keeping our communities safe.”

Drive-thru flu shots will be given to patients seven and older. Patients are also asked to wear a mask in their vehicle while interacting with clinic staff. Before heading to one of the locations above, please call (402) 717-2439 or visit to schedule an appointment. Additional details on flu shots, participating clinics and scheduled times are listed on that link. Traditional in-clinic, in-person flu shots are also still available at CHI Health locations.

Drive-thru flu shot schedule for the following CHI Health Clinic locations:

Other important reminders for flu season:

  • Anyone who put off receiving important, routine vaccinations earlier this year due to COVID-19 should ask to receive those immunizations now.
  • Community members should continue all other efforts to reduce the chance of contracting influenza, COVID-19 and other viral illnesses. This includes washing your hands often, maintaining social distance from others and wearing a mask. Stay home if you do get sick.