Receding from Hair Loss

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For men, the often touchy subject of hair loss is simply a matter of testosterone and genetics.

"Unfortunately, people tend to lose hair where they want it and gain it where they don’t want it,” said Matthew Halfar, MD, CHI Health primary care provider. “Depending upon how that hair loss might be affecting someone’s mental health, there are ways to counter that, but in the realm of ‘Is this normal?’ The answer is absolutely."

Halfar tends to focus not on the hair loss, but how it might be impacting the individual’s self-confidence. If patients determine they’d like to seek treatment, Halfar urges caution about products they see on TV or the Internet.

"A lot of these so-called treatments really aren’t evidence-based and they’re there to make people money. There are evidence-based treatments for hair loss, but that would be something to talk to your primary care provider or dermatologist about."

Matthew Halfar, MD

Family Medicine,
Family Medicine with Obstetrics

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