Midlife Advice: Get Busy

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When it comes to minimizing the effects of aging, CHI Health Primary Care Provider Matthew Halfar, MD, said much of it comes down to the old saying, “Use it or lose it.” “We recommend physically and mentally challenging activities to help curtail the effects of aging,” Halfar said. “There have been studies that things like just doing a daily crossword puzzle have been shown to reduce the risk of conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. With physical activity as well, things that keep people from becoming sedentary have proven positive effects on both their physical and mental health.”

Although natural wear and tear may cause joint and muscle pain for men as they exercise in their golden years, one of the worst things a guy can do is become sedentary.

Myth: Wearing a hat will make you bald.

Fact: Hats don’t causes baldness, and neither does using a hair dryer. Blame heredity, but don’t pin it on mom. Baldness comes from both sides of the family tree.

Myth: Prostate is the deadliest cancer for men.

Fact: Lung cancer is the leading cause of men’s cancer deaths, killing three times as many men as prostate cancer. Most men with prostate cancer do not die from it.

Myth: Men are better drivers than women.

Fact: Men, particularly young males, have a higher risk of dying in a car accident than women. As a result, men typically experience higher insurance rates.

Matthew Halfar, MD

Family Medicine,
Family Medicine with Obstetrics

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