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  • Arthritis: What Is It?

    MAR 01, 2022

    The main symptoms of arthritis are joint pain, stiffness and swelling, which typically worsens with age – but it can also affect young people. Dr. Stephen Brown sees people of all ages, from teenage athletes to seniors.

  • Keep Your Joints a Rocking

    MAR 01, 2022

    Exercise is key to joint health but other actions like quitting smoking and maintaining a healthy weight will also help decrease pain and reduce stress to your joints.

  • How Much is Too Much?

    MAR 01, 2022

    Sports activity helps reduce the risk or slow the progression of osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, stroke, even heart disease. But repetitive motion like running, cycling and golfing have the potential for chronic injuries.

  • The Leading Edge of Care

    MAR 01, 2022

    Dr. Sam Dubrow treats some of the most complex cases using the latest technology and surgical techniques on his patients. The most common shoulder injuries Dr. Dubrow treats are rotator cuff tears, bicep tears, tendonitis and arthritis.

  • Hip Hip... Hold Up!

    MAR 01, 2022

    Hip replacement surgery is faster, more accurate and delivers longer lasting results than ever before.