Tanzania Ministry

A key component of CHI Health’s mission is to care for the poor, the needing, and the underserved. While the focus is in the heartland, CHI Health has also been partnered with Immanuel for Machame Hospital, a mission hospital in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania, East Africa since 2002. In 2004, CHI Health placed Bob Kasworm there full time as an advisor and project manager.

In addition to routine and not-so-routine hospital responsibilities, CHI Health has led or partnered on several specialized projects:

Machame Hospital Orthopedic Center

CHI Health created the Machame Hospital Orthopedic Center. The team discovered a huge unmet need for more modern orthopedic surgery in the region. Most cases involve trauma repair but there are also many children needing corrections from congenital birth defects and disease. CHI Health's involvement included building several new orthopedic surgery theaters, physical therapy and dedicated patient wards and modern anesthesia and sterilization equipment. The team has performed more than 12,000 procedures since the new center opened.


Physicians and nurses discuss protocol in one of the new surgical theaters at the Machame Hospital Orthopedic Center.

Machame Hospital School of Nursing

There is only one nurse per 2,800 citizens in Tanzania. To address this shortage, the Machame Hospital School of Nursing started in 2010. CHI Health has focused on building infrastructure such as dormitories, classrooms, dining hall, roads and drainage. The team discovered that there are many African youth qualified and desiring to enroll, but cannot afford to attend nursing school (even though total cost for tuition and room and board is only $1,700 per year). CHI Health employees and others can sponsor these students. To date, 91 sponsored students have graduated. This program has been life changing for the students, their families and for the entire region.


A new class of nursing students prepares for a lecture at the Machame Hospital School of Nursing.

Houses for Health

Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world and many are living in houses that - even by African standards - are abysmal. For the immunocompromised HIV patients, but also for some with orthopedic, mental health or other conditions, the lack of adequate shelter is an impediment to their health. Houses for Health builds a small, basic house for these people. For about $3,500 the team can build a dry, safe home. Using 100% local materials and labor, this project assists the local economy as well. So far, the team has completed houses for 140 families, and they continue to build.

All of these projects have been funded by donors and supporters, not CHI Health operating funds. We welcome you to join us in these efforts. If you have questions or want to know more you can contact Bob Kasworm.


This new home was built by the Houses for Health team for this family in need.