Monthly Meditations


Everlasting Lord,

Though we are unworthy, you...

...have sought us out, to be with us, to love us.

...continue to craft us in your image, chipping away at our imperfections and leaving only your grace.

...continue to walk with us and lead us toward your kingdom, picking us up when we stumble and redirecting us when we lose the way.

We ask you to...

...give us courage to face the challenges this day might bring.

...give us your peace in the midst of chaos.

...give us your wisdom that we might live according to the example set before us by your Son.

Help us to... a voice of calm in a world of noise. a light in a world of darkness.

...share your presence in a world of isolation. your love in a world of animosity.

Moving forward, please help us to live intentionally and to remember you, in all things, at all times.

Lord, we thank you for your many gifts and blessings, those already received and those yet to come.


Ever faithful God,

Grant me the courage to be completely open to you living within me so that...

...all I see is viewed with love.

...all I touch is done so with compassion.

...what I hear is shaped by understanding.

...every thought may be cloaked in wonder.

...every encounter furthers peace.

...all I hope for may be guided by your will.

Lord, I offer you thanksgiving and praise for the many blessings you have placed in my life.