Monthly Meditations

Reflection About Gifts

Recently, someone said that everything we have in life is a gift. As I reflected on that, I found that I began to look for the gifts and found them in many unexpected places.

I felt blessed when I observed a dew drop glistening on a rose petal, when I held a small child’s hand and he looked up at me and said "I sure do love you Gamma", when my children called to ask how I was doing and to share their lives with me, when a co-worker sought my opinion letting me know my viewpoint was valued.

There are so many moments like this that we often take them for granted.
Gifts may be material or spiritual but they all remind us that God is with us and that we are never alone.

Today I pray that I may have:

Compassion for those in need;
Respect toward all people;
Gentleness especially with those in pain or fear;
Kindness in my actions;
Patience when faced with perplexing situations;
Strength that I may meet the needs of others;
Humility to place others in positive regard;
Courage to face what this day may bring;
Hope that I may share it with others;
Joy in living with God’s love;
Forgiveness for others and for myself;
Gratitude for all the blessings I have received.