How to Join Us

We provide training to become a Faith Community Nurse (FCN), a lay Health Minister, or a Program Leader, and offer levels of membership in the Network.

How to Join Us

  1. Pray about your calling to this ministry.
  2. Contact us! We would like to hear your story, answer questions, and support you as you lay groundwork to ensure the success of your health ministry.
  3. When you and your congregation are ready to commit to the development of a culture of health and wellness within the congregation and community, and are able to fulfill its requirements, clergy/leaders and FCN/Health Minister applicant(s) sign a covenant with us.  (See slides 10 & 11 in our powerpoint for sample covenant content.)
  4. Remember the program belongs to the congregation. The Faith Community Health Network will provide education, information, resources, consultation and support to build capacity for your Health Ministry, based on the congregation’s own unique strengths and gifts.
  5. Take training, either Foundations of Faith Community Nursing or Health Ministry Basics as appropriate
  6. Attend a required retreat day after training, and personal orientation.
  7. Begin your ministry! We walk with you through every step and provide continuing support as needed.

Types of Membership

Congregational Membership

An FCN or Health Minister will sign the covenant along with clergy/leadership of the congregation. Leadership promises to be supportive in various ways, and the FCN or HM member agrees to:

  • Attend training classes (cost is reimbursed when training is completed)
  • Commit to attend at least four network meetings per year
  • Devote an average of 8 or more hours a month within the congregation/community to build the program
  • Document activities
  • Assist in the creation of policies encouraging a culture of health in the congregation.

Associate Membership

Is designed for an FCN or Health Minister who has a passion for promoting health and wholeness but does not at this time have a congregation to sign a covenant. They work as an "independent agent" but all the above apply.