Benefits of Membership

There are many benefits of joining a Network with like-minded individuals who feel called to promote health and healing within a congregation.

Benefits of Membership

What are the benefits of membership in the Faith Community Health Network (FCHN)?

The FCHN builds capacities in congregations by leveraging the resources of CHI Health and the strength of faith communities to build a culture of health and healing within the congregation and community it serves. This empowers people to make positive choices for whole-person health. 

There are many benefits of joining a Network with like-minded individuals who feel called to promote health and healing within a congregation. These are just a few of them:

Be A Part Of Something Larger

Health Ministry brings us back to our roots. Hospitals were started by religious organizations who cared about the whole person, but we have all become fragmented in our approach. Working together, we can advance our vision of whole persons in whole communities, as we strive to promote health of body, mind, spirit, relationships, resources, and physical and social environments. This movement has become world-wide. Together, our impact is greater (see Ecclesiastes 4:9-11). Join us! 

Basic Training

Network Member congregations may send up to two nurses or health ministers through our Foundations of Faith Community Nurse (FCN) or Health Minister (HM) classes at no charge, and extra persons from the same congregation for a nominal fee. Health Program Leader training is either free or subsidized.

Ongoing Consultation, Support and Evaluation

We are here to help you with your Faith Community Nursing, Health Ministry, or Program development, growth, and evaluation. We provide tools and individual assistance as needed to move your ministry forward. 

Web-Based Documentation Tool to Demonstrate Impact

A web-based documentation site allows an FCN or HM to enter programs, group interactions and classes as well as individual contacts, and calculates the impact you are making in your faith community. Program Leaders (PL) have other specific tools to show outcomes. We all know the importance of what you do, and these tools can provide you with data to further support the need for your work. 

Networking Opportunities

Network Members participate in regular meetings with fellow FCNs/HMs/PLs. This is a great opportunity to connect with people just like you, who are called to work with health as ministry in their communities. Your ministry will be strengthened through mutual support and fellowship. We gather for a yearly retreat, Spring Banquet and Holiday Tea, as a thank you for your dedication to this ministry. We also have our own private Facebook page!

Contact Hours for FCNs

Contact hours for nurses and social workers are available at most Network meetings. Presentations by special guest speakers focus on current topics of interest to professionals. Network members may also attend CHI Health continuing education events at the discounted employee rate. Many of these opportunities are available at no cost and provide contact hours.


As a Network member, you will have access to health education e-resources, equipment such as hand washing Glo Lights and blood pressure kits, and communications on the latest local health events offered through CHI Health or community organizations.

Speaker’s Bureau

As Network member, you’ll have access to a variety of presentation delivered by a CHI Health professional at no cost to your congregation. Minimum numbers of attendees are required. Presentations are available on a variety of relevant and timely health topics, subject to speaker availability.