Health Ministry

The CHI Health Faith Community Health Network partners with congregations of all faiths to build capacities and support the growth of Health Ministries.

Faith Community Health Network

Faith Community Health Network's Vision: Whole Persons in Whole Communities.

Faith Community Health Network's Mission: To promote healthy communities (body, mind and spirit) by supporting the growth of Health Ministries in congregations and the communities they serve.

What is a Health Ministry?

Health Ministry is the promotion of health, healing and wholeness as part of the mission and ministry of a congregation for its members and the larger community it serves. Health Ministry is a way to integrate health and faith within congregations, and develop collaborative networks with neighborhood and community groups, agencies and health systems.

Health is:

  • Living to our greatest potential. Being all we can be involves balance, in relationship with God, in all areas of life.
  • More than physical well-being. It is a journey towards wholeness, encompassed by the Grace of God during all our ages and stages, illness and wellness, suffering and hope.
  • A personal responsibility. It requires letting go of whatever keeps us from being positively connected to God, self, and others.
  • A collective responsibility. Relationships, social concerns, and the environment in which we live also affect health. We are here for each other.

Why Involve Congregations?

Congregations can broaden the definition of health far beyond a medical model. All faith groups relate to the basic concepts of caring, love, meaning and purpose in life. This movement reclaims the historic roots of health, healing and wholeness found in many religious traditions. Health Ministry is a way to return to our center, based in congregations who naturally care for one another and are seen as trusted sources of services and knowledge. Congregations can become leaders, working in partnership with the community, to promote health, healing and wholeness.

The Faith Community Health Network - Open to all Congregations 

The Faith Community Health Network is open to congregations of all faiths who want to support the growth of Health Ministries within their congregation and the surrounding community. The Network is seeking supportive congregations of all faiths, along with spiritually mature registered nurses, health ministry and program leaders, registered nurses and lay health ministry leaders to promote whole-person health and wholeness within churches, etc. We can provide education, information, resources, consultation and support to grow your ministry. We provide training to those wanting to become a: