Hello humankindness

Hello to healing. Hello humankindness

At CHI Health, we believe humankindness is at the root of all healing—providing care on a human level, courage when it’s needed the most, and a connection that is ever present among us all. It’s what we practice at our 14 hospitals, two stand-alone behavioral health facilities, more than 150 employed physician practice locations and among our more than 12,000 employees in Nebraska and southwestern Iowa.

When it comes to humankindness, age isn’t a factor. It isn't based on your title, amount of life experience, or status. What matters is your heart, and that alone is priceless.

The power of humankindness can create amazing moments that impact our everyday lives—which, in turn, become the highlights in the game we call life.

Taking care of one another is at the core of humankindness. It’s the willingness to help lift others up and stand for the greater good that keeps us all on the right team.

The power of laughter is a force that connects us to one another and brightens up our days. Like humankindness, it’s an element that transcends age, culture, and time — giving hope for better days ahead.

Health and happiness work hand in hand. Take the time to nurture what’s inside, and watch your life flourish on the outside — because taking care of yourself is an act of humankindness.

Just like humankindness, happiness can come from the most unexpected places. Whether it’s from your friend, your dog, or a memory, embrace it and pass it on.

Humankindness is an urge in all of us to help others. Although there are times when the ones in need may not look like us, sharing a helping hand is what connects us all — showing up in many colors, sizes, and forms.

Humankindness is about going beyond for others. It’s about showing kindness and a willingness to help those who may not be able to help themselves.

When situations come across your path, remember that you’re there for a purpose. Take every opportunity to be the best human you can be and use humankindness every step of the way.

We can all remember a time when we were separated from our parents and another adult graciously helped reunite us. These acts of humankindness don’t require any experience or training. It is an innate force that leads us to do for others what was done for us.