Scott Wilson


Scott Wilson, MD

Antelope Creek Family Physicians.

Here’s to taking an extra moment.

Scott Wilson, MD, does it all the time with his patients at Antelope Creek Family Physicians.

“I try to spend a little time finding out about who my patients are, where they come from. They don’t all come from Lincoln. Some of them come to college here and stay, but they’re from somewhere else.

“So I’ll ask where they’re from or what they do. It opens them up to see that you care,” he said. “That’s important to me.”

Patients get to know Dr. Wilson, too.

“I talk to them about my family. I might say I have kids that age, or I might talk about going to the same place on vacation. It just shows that we’re all going through the same things in life.”

Those life moments add up.

“This has been my only job out of residency, and I delivered babies -- so I’ve known a lot of my patients for 15 years and I’ve seen them grown up,” Wilson said. “Yesterday I saw a 14 year old I had delivered. It made me feel old a little bit. I joked with her that she must have had a good doctor because she’s only been in for physicals and I haven’t seen her that much.”

Dr. Wilson delights in seeing families grow under his care. “I have two four-generation families I care for, and that makes me feel really good,” he said.

A good experience at a physician office is as comfortable as possible, especially for patients who are coming in because they’re sick or dealing with a serious health issue.

“It makes a difference to see a familiar face, or if you know the CNA who walks you back to the office,” Dr. Wilson said. “We try to make this a medical home, so patients feel like they have a place they can go. And we’ve had people make big changes in their health.”

Some have achieved significant weight loss, others have beaten cancer and overcome alcoholism.

“One of the best moments was giving test results to a couple who’d struggled with infertility. They didn’t think they’d ever get pregnant. We were able to give them the test results here and share in that good news,” he said.

It’s shared experiences which build bonds. That’s one reason Wilson and clinic staff regularly take part in community events, such as walks to raise awareness for suicide, breast cancer and autism. They recently donated items to decorate a room at a transitional home for behavioral health patients.

“We all come together for efforts like this,” he said. “I’m very proud of where I work and that’s because of the quality of the people.”

The quality he feels every patient deserves: “Someone who cares. Someone who takes time to listen. That’s important to me.”

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