Chris Cleaver


Chris Cleaver, RN

CHI Health Missouri Valley

Here’s to keeping care close to home.

Chris Cleaver, RN, has been a nurse for a little over 25 years, the last 15 years at his hometown hospital - CHI Health Missouri Valley – where he’s a nurse supervisor.

“I like working in my hometown because I know the people I supervise and the patients we take care of. A lot of times, they’re the people I grew up with, and I feel like I’m making a difference.”

It’s essential, for example, patients who have heart attacks and strokes, who need lifesaving treatment right away, not a commute away.

Convenience goes a long way for locals who would otherwise have to drive to the Omaha metropolitan area for services like chemotherapy, which is offered at CHI Health Missouri Valley.

“A lot of people are driving 30 minutes just to get here to Missouri Valley, and then they’d have to go another 20 minutes farther to get to Omaha,” Cleaver said. “We can do those things locally. It saves them time, and keeps them closer to home.”

It also feels good to be the largest employer in town.

“I’ve seen a lot of younger people start out as CNAs and go to school and come back and work for us. It’s nice to see people you’ve grown up with get a chance to work in their own community,” Cleaver said.

His own career has grown at CHI Health Missouri Valley.

“I didn’t really plan on being a supervisor, I was content working nights. But the position came open and was asked to fill in in the interim,” he said.

During the hiring process, the staff voted for Cleaver to take the job.

“It’s a good feeling to know they wanted me for their supervisor. They must have felt I could handle the job.”

The closeness of a small town with what Cleaver values most.

“It’s like a family,” he said. “There’s a reason you work here versus the city. It’s not just the patients you help, it’s the people you work with – it’s really nice to be happy and have a good place to work.”

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