Community Benefit

Our mission at CHI Health calls us to educate, heal and build healthier communities.

Community Benefit

Dear Friends,

We are living through days that will, for generations to come, be the subject of history lessons around the world. The global pandemic, social unrest and economic uncertainty are very real. We see it in masked faces, physical distancing and curbside pickup. Each day there are news stories of businesses furloughing their employees or even closing their doors.

These unprecedented events require extraordinary human kindness. For CHI Health, it means treating every person with unparalleled compassion and grace. For those fighting COVID-19 it means stepping in during those moments when a family member cannot be at the bedside. Human connection – human kindness – during these times is priceless..

For our communities, human kindness means investing millions of dollars to ensure those who need care get care even when they can’t afford it. It means providing healthy foods to the hungry and bringing safety and help to those experiencing domestic violence while quarantined at home.

I am proud to share with you that CHI Health invested $188.6 million dollars in our communities in FY2020. Those dollars represent the 207,160 people served through medical financial assistance and another 146,128 people served through Medicaid. These are people who cannot afford care and cannot afford to be sick. We don’t turn them away, we embrace them. Here are some examples of how:

  • CHI Health expanded its transfer center as COVID-19 cases surged to make sure every patient, regardless
    of their ability to pay, was cared for at a hospital where care was available - not just our hospitals, every hospital
    in the region.
  • CHI Health teamed up with the state to provide free COVID-19 testing through Test Nebraska.
  • CHI Health offered free masks to our communities to help contain community spread.
  • CHI Health was the first in the region to relax our visitation policy allowing families to be present with their hospitalized family member.
  • CHI Health provided convalescent plasma treatments that helped patients like Gordon Anderson.
    He said yes to the experimental treatment at CHI Health St. Elizabeth and recovered quickly from COVID-19.
  • CHI Health offered support and encouragement through virtual and in-person counseling and blogs.
    In the first few months of the pandemic, calls to our 717-HOPE line increased by 35%.
    Human kindness is instilled by an organization that puts people and communities first and then extends grace from person to person. It is our commitment, and we live it every day of every month of every year. It’s who we are as people and as an organization.

As the world continues to face challenges, and health care continues to change, you can rest easy knowing CHI Health is here for you. We are committed to lowering the cost of healthcare, improving the access to and quality of care, advancing health equity, and ensuring that no matter what comes – even a global pandemic – we are by your side. I encourage you to read on and see how we are serving you with human kindness.

Cliff A. Robertson, MD
Chief Executive Officer
CHI Health

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