Kelly Bacon

Kelly Bacon

Senior Partner

Gallup Inc.

Kelly Bacon is a partner, executive and senior consultant at Gallup. Kelly is primarily responsible for the overall management of a select top client portfolio that includes healthcare, transportation, logistics, automotive and manufacturing clients. Her mission is to create highly engaged teams and ensure her clients achieve continuous improvement in their critical business outcomes.

Kelly consults with organizations to help them embrace behavioral economics and manage human capital more effectively. This approach leads to better workplaces, reduced turnover, more engaged employees, increased customer engagement and improved, sustainable financial performance. Her advice and insights help her clients develop a leadership and change management strategy that aligns organizational best practices to enhance customer relationships at every crucial touchpoint.

Kelly joined Gallup in 1991 and has spent the more than 30 years building her consulting experience in advanced workplace and customer analytics, program architecture advisory, executing on strategic plans, driving change management as well as leadership and management development, to her client engagements. Kelly has significant experience in transportation industries, including airlines, logistics, rail, healthcare, financial services, automotive and manufacturing. Her dedicated consulting teams develop organizational change programs that drive innovation and embed lasting solutions, ultimately ensuring client success.

Before joining Gallup, Kelly gained sales, marketing and management experience working with technology and publishing companies. She grew in Lyons, Nebraska and then attended Creighton University and earned a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Kelly led the west coast offices of Gallup for over 16 years and moved home to work at Gallup’s Omaha Riverfront office in 2011 where she serves her clients around the world.