Provider Opportunities

You are the biggest reason patients choose CHI Health Clinic. You are more than their physician - you are their trusted partner in healthcare. Your marketing and public relations team can help you reach consumers. Let us know your areas of interest and we will be in touch with you.

Video Introductions

Online video introductions are a great way for consumers to get to know you before they step foot in your office. The introductions are around one minute long and are produced right here at CHI Health Clinic. View a list of current videos.


Making sure you have an updated photo on is important to providing the best user experience. Not only can your photo be used in media opportunities but it’s also what consumers see when they are searching for a physician online.

Bio Information on

With our recent update to the design of

, we redesigned the physician bio pages using a tab based approach that allows us to add content resulting in improved search engine optimization. This in turn allows you to provide information about yourself and your clinical interests so that when searching for a physician, patients can find the right fit for them.


Working with the news media is a great way to build volumes. Consumers see you on TV, hear you on the radio or read about you in the newspaper and suddenly you exist in their world in a helpful and credible way. In addition to making yourself available for media interviews, we strongly encourage media training, which we do right here at CHI Health Clinic. It will help prepare you for the experience.


Nearly 70% of Americans who go online are reading blogs. They are an excellent way for you to speak directly to the consumer. Blogs not only create awareness, they build affinity and that builds business.

Web Chats

Every Wednesday, CHI Health Clinic hosts a web chat from 12-1pm on This weekly chat garners our physician experts over $3700 in publicity value and exposure on and with over 52,000 people looking at these sites during the week the web chat is promoted. All for $0 and an hour of your time! View recent web chats.

Community Events and Education

CHI Health Clinic is committed to the communities we serve. From meeting consumers who are looking for a doctor at Shop For A Doc to speaking at the Heart Fair or Baby Event, each event is an opportunity to drive volumes to your practice.

Opportunities to meet potential patients exist at events like Storm Chasers baseball games, Girls Day Out at Village Point, Family Day Out at Shadow Lake, Health Fairs at our hospitals and much more. But opportunities also exist through organizations you are involved in. Think about where you volunteer, where you go to church, where you work out or where your children are active and seek out opportunities with these organizations to give an educational talk. Can you partner with your yoga studio and do multiple talks on caring for the body, mind and spirit? Can you lead a program with your son’s boy scout troop regarding the importance of using sunscreen and protecting your skin when outdoors. Or maybe it’s planning a series on preventive medicine and knowing your numbers at your church. Whatever it may be, explore your opportunities.


We know word of mouth marketing is the number one way consumers find new physicians so seek out those patients you have good relationships with and express your interest in caring for their friends and family. We even have a tool to help you have this conversation, the Share Your Care cards. By having these available in your exam rooms, use them as a tool to start the conversation – I really enjoy caring for you and your family, if you ever have a friend or family member in need of a physician, please feel free to give them my information. Other service industries do it all the time!