Clinical Pastoral Education
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  • More than 500 persons in 37 states and Germany, many of them pastors of churches, professional chaplains, CPE supervisors.
  • 84% of the current staff chaplains at Alegent Health

Alumni Testimonials about CPE

Here are the voices of experts, people who have taken at least one unit of CPE in the program at Alegent Health:

“I now see myself as having a strong, compassionate and confident pastoral authority among colleagues as well as with clients and family members. It seems I am better able to ‘think on my feet’.”

“CPE has given me an ability to be aware of me, to help me consciously choose how to respond to what is going on. I feel that I am living more awake, especially when I see people reacting and having no clue what is going on inside of them.”

“CPE was an amazing experience. I think it should be required of anyone considering ministry.”

“I use my CPE training almost daily.”

“CPE helped me to become focused in my ministry. CPE helped me realize that my personal growth (emotionally, physically, and spiritually) is also important.”

Main Outcomes of CPE

Our CPE alumni, out of the program one, three, and five years, identify the following as most important for them (11 of 20 items are listed here in rank order for the three groups surveyed)  

  Rank order 5-years out Rank order 3-years out Rank order
1-year out
Component in developing pastoral identity 1 3 3
Preparation for hospital/institution visitation in ministry 2 1 2
Impacted personal spiritual journey 3 4 6
Better understanding of ethical issues in health care 3 15 5
Helpful in appreciating value of peer group learning 5 11 13
Enhanced ability to reflect theologically about death, loss 6 2 8
Appreciate value of ongoing consultation/ supervision in ministry 9 12 4
Helpful in developing basic listening/counseling skills 10 10 1
Process to identify personal strengths 14 8 14
Process to identify personal limitations 15 14 15
Important step in pursuing career goals 17 5 10

What do persons who send participants to CPE say?
In our last survey, field education supervisors and others involved in the formation of priests, pastors and other church workers identified the following as the most important outcomes of CPE:

  Rank order
Ability to identify personal limitations 1
Ability to identify personal strengths 2
Development of basic listening and counseling skills 2
Development of hospital/institutional visitation skills 2
Development of Pastoral identity 5
Development of crisis intervention skills 5

Would you recommend CPE to a potential ministry candidate?
Overwhelmingly, alumni answer yes: 87.5% of those five years out; 94.1% of those three years out; and 92.7% of those one year out of CPE.

CHI Health’s CPE Program has received its ten-year continuing accreditation through 2017, with no notations. The action follows upon a successful site visit and action by the national Accreditation Commission of the ACPE (Association for Clinical Pastoral Education). Alegent’s CPE program is one of two accredited programs in Nebraska and 350 centers in the United States