Patient Testimonials

Dr. Wright's practice has been central Nebraska’s premier destination for hip, knee, and shoulder joint replacement surgery over the past two decades. His thousands of satisfied patients and excellent outcomes attest to his unsurpassed level of skill, experience, and dedication to caring for patients. He has an unsurpassed level of passion and commitment to improving quality of life and keeping patients active through joint replacement surgery.

Photo of Carol Herron in front of the Kearney Archway

Carol on a bike ride to the Kearney Archway.

Hip pain had slowly, almost sneakily, taken over my life. I began to consider what effect everything I did would have related to pain. Can I travel, when I travel, will I be able to walk? Can I ride my bike, exercise, do Yoga? If I mow the lawn, what will the next day(s) be like. I eventually had to stop mowing my lawn, stop walking for exercise, stop riding my bike and stop attending Yoga. It was just too painful. I had to plan my shopping always using a cart as “walker”. I could hardly stand long enough to cook a meal. I gained weight due to inactivity. Life was painful.

Dr. Wright replaced my right hip in 2018 and my left hip in January 2020. When preparing for my surgeries, I told Dr. Wright I needed to be able to do at least two things, ride my bike and Yoga. He said, “You could ride my bike, you just can’t fall off your bike.” And, yes, I could do most Yoga poses.

The Spring after my last surgery in January of 2020, I started walking. Six blocks at first. I kept adding a few more blocks and a few more blocks. Then one day I decide to walk to the mail store 2 miles round trip. I took every short cut possible and was tired when I got home but I had done it. Then I got out my bike, took a deep breath and remembered “you just can’t fall off your bike.” I rode short distances and then soon was riding to the Archway, Yanney Park, and sometimes to Cottonmill. I now ride over the Ave M overpass (yes, I actually pedal over the overpass) to Yanney Park or the Archway. I ride about 9.5 miles at least 3 times a week and walk 3-4 miles per day. And, I have lost 30 pounds. I was also able to kayak this summer. And, my beloved Yoga. I started with chair Yoga and can now do standing Yoga. Life is good.

Recently, a friend commented on how I had changed and become more active, etc. I thought about that, I had not really changed this is who I have always been. Pain had just robbed me of who I really was. Pain no longer controls my life. I’m in charge!!!!!

I saw all those pictures of thankful people in the exam rooms. I knew I would be thankful to have the pain in check, but I had no idea how life changing it would be. THANK YOU, Dr. Wright, Joe Verzel and the entire Ortho Team, for giving me back my life!!!!!! This summer I’m going to take my granddaughter to the zoo and walk all day long because I can now keep up with a 3-year-old.

- Carol Herron

May 2021

Dan Lillis in Turkey after total hip replacement.

Dan Lillis in the Cappadocia Region of Turkey. This picture depicts the minaret like pillars that have eroded to their shape over the course of thousands of years. The caves were carved out by Christians over 1000 years ago.

In December 2019 (2 years after total left hip replacement with Dr. Wright) I took a trip to Turkey. Due to my total hip replacement, I am able to continue the expeditions I was used to experiencing prior to the accident.

- Dan Lillis

Feb. 2021

Dr. Wright and patient Leisa O'Brien

I had a right total knee replacement. Two months post-op I'm able to go shopping with my daughter, go on walks with my dog, and I've finally hit 10,000+ steps on my Fitbit. I should have done this before age 52 because I feel AMAZING!! Dr. Wright has amazing bedside manner!

- Leisa O'Brien

Sept. 2020

Marg Ortegren

Thank you, Dr. Wright! For getting me back in the game after two new knees! I got a hole-in-one at Lakeside Country Club, Johnson Lake, Nebraska in March 2020!

- Marg Ortegren

June 2020

Linda Allum

Back row - Sue Holliday, APRN, Stacy Bieber, RN, Kristi Gleason LPN, Angie Baillie CMA and Dr. John Wright. Front row - Emmie Benson, Surgical tech/scribe, Linda Allum and Shana Schanou, Rad tech.

I had my left knee done in March 2019. It went well but my right knee hurt so much I could not tell if it was better. Then July 2019 I had my right knee done. It is so amazing and there is no pain in either one. I can walk like have not for many years.

- Linda Allum

Aug. 2019

Dale Fritson

Dr. Wright has replaced my left and hip and both of my knees. Before that I suffered many years in constant pain. In the before picture I weighed about 445 lbs. I now weigh 215 lbs. There was no one thing that made this possible, but what I am sure of is that not having the nagging joints pains made what I need to do seem not so impossible. I just want to thank him for giving me the tools to make weight loss and overall health improvement a reality. Thanks Doc! Your grateful patient, Dale Fritson

- Dale Fritson

May 2019

Mary Rock

Dr. Wright, Mary Rock and Clinical Support Scribe, Emmie Benson

I started having severe pain in my right knee. I started a search for the best knee doctor and was always given the same answer, "Dr. Wright in Kearney". So happy after having a new replacement to be pain free and able to do all things I enjoy. Thank you Dr. Wright, job well done!

- Mary Rock

Apr. 2019

Aubrey Zechmann

Dr. Wright is awesome! I love soccer and running cross country. I hurt my knee and went to see Dr. Wright. He performed surgery on my knee and it feels great. My family recently went on a ski trip and I got to ski with them! I am really excited to start soccer in a couple of weeks too. Thank you for fixing my knee and getting it back in shape so I can do the things I love.

- Aubrey Zechmann

Feb. 2018

Margle Rager and staff

Margle (Alan) Rager, center, with Emmie Benson, surgical tech, Dr. Wright, Tiffany Byrkit, PA-C and Sue Holliday, APRN.

I have had very good care and positive results with my left knee, left hip, right knee, rotator cuff repair and trigger finger surgery by Dr. Wright and would recommend his expertise to anybody that I would speak to about Dr. Wright's abilities to repair anything I have had done by him.

- Margle (Alan) Rager

Feb. 2019

Jim and Tori Fiala

Jim Fiala and his wife, Tori

Total knee replacement, July 2018 and other knee, December 2018. Dr. Wright was very thorough when explaining the pros and cons of the procedures. I always felt that he took time to answer all questions I had. It is obvious that he truly cares about each patient that he cares for. Thank you for all that you have done for me and my family. It has been a life-changing experience.

- Jim Fiala

Jan. 2019

George Acker and Dr. Wright

Doc has replaced both hips (totals) and both knees (totals). This has been over 11-12 years. Now, at 72 I have not felt this good with no joint pain, sleep well at night, and am amazed at my vigor! I love to snow ski and mountain hike. I feel great! I have never had a post-op problem. Talk about satisfaction!

- George Acker

Jan. 2019

Larry and Marye Franzen

My experience with Dr. Wright is wonderful! Doctor is caring, very personal, and sensitive. He is the greatest. We would not go to anyone else.

- Larry Franzen, pictured with his wife, Marye

Dec. 2018

On April 29, 2019 Dr Wright replaced both of my knees. From pre-op, straight through to follow-up, he and his team included me and informed me of my options. His surgery was EXCELLENT, and, though I'm still in the recovery stages getting back full mobility, there is no knee pain and my progress is steady and positive. This entire experience with Dr. Wright has been an unparalleled delight and a success. Use this doctor and his team. They care and they are incredibly skilled.

- Celia Parrott

June 2019

Everything went perfect!! I have no pain and I can enjoy doing what I love. Thank you!

- Dudley Dallman

June 2019

I have never had a doctor and staff (Stacy) go to such extremes to schedule my hip surgery, preop, exams, etc. so I didn't have to drive 3 1/2 hours back. So impressed with the personal care I am receiving. Thank you.

- EJ Webber

June 2019

Wonderful - I can say for surgery it was pleasurable and service was great! Thanks.

- Marlene Freeman

Apr. 2019

I had a total right hip replacement done in February by Dr. Wright. I was back to work, four hours a day, in two weeks and full-time in three weeks. I had absolutely no bruising, no staples and very little pain. Dr. Wright is an outstanding surgeon and has the best team. Thank you.

- Roxanne Barrett

Mar. 2019

He always does good work. I now have a good hip and a good knee. I am good to go and at 73 that is saying a lot!! :)

- Sandra Schneider

Mar. 2019

My experience was very good. He explained everything very well. I went into surgery relaxed. All of the staff was also very helpful. Many thanks to all.

- Pauline Jacobson

Feb. 2019

I have some praise for Dr. Wright and his team. I would like to thank them all for the excellent work they did on my hip. I am walking with no pain at all. It is great! I wish I would have had the surgery done years ago! Once again, thank you.

- Wendell Meyer

Feb. 2019

Dr. Wright replaced my right hip in September of 2017. The surgery and recovery was without difficulty or complications. I am pain free and continue to work part time as an RN. Dr. Wright is a very talented surgeon and enabled me to return to an active, meaningful life!

- Rita Johnson

Feb. 2019

I received "wonderful" care from everyone involved with my surgery and recovery. What a GREAT and wonderful doctor! Thank you Dr. Wright!!

- Jolene Nelson

Feb. 2019

Couldn't be any better. Appreciated injections before surgery was necessary. Hip replacement is totally satisfactory---1,000 + %!

- Lynn Sundberg

Feb. 2019

We have been impressed and pleased with all of your staff members. Everyone seems upbeat and happy. Such a nice positive environment reflects good leadership. 

P.S. Karen in Joint Replacement Class is the best educator, verbal-friendly.

- William "Jim" and Karen Billings

Jan. 2019

He is awesome. Did not realize how much pain I was in until Dr. Wright did a total knee replacement. I have no regrets having it done. You can't go wrong with Dr. Wright.

- Karen Reiter

Jan. 2019

Good experience. Very thoughtful and courteous. I would recommend Dr. Wright to anyone who needs hip surgery.

- Norma Scott

Jan. 2019

Dr. Wright and his staff were great to work with. He told me and explained to me what to expect through my journey with my hip replacement so there were no surprises. He also takes time to answer all your concerns. Great doctor and staff.

- Steve O'Neill

Jan. 2019

Dr. Wright is very willing to answer all your questions honestly. Dr. Wright wants you to realize how serious a total knee replacement is, that you have given all other avenues a chance. He told me for 10-14 days after surgery "you won't like me, but it will get better". He is so right. Dr. is very encouraging; if you need a little more therapy, he will order it. He wants a good outcome for you when you are healed up! I could not be more pleased with both my total knees! No more pain!

- Carla Grabau-Nunnenkamp

Jan. 2019

Dr. Wright is amazing for improving my left arm and shoulder motion. I'm free of pain for the first time in several years.

- Charlene Morris

Jan. 2019

Dr. Wright gave my life back, no exaggeration! The surgeries and healing process have been very manageable. Dr. Wright's expertise and skill have given me a new lease on life, I can move and be active, whereas I was nearly immobile before. I can not thank Dr. Wright enough.

- Shari Schnuelle

Jan. 2019

I was born with hip dysplasia and was in a body cast and brace for the first year of my life. My parents were told I may never walk. I did, but have lived with pain my entire life. I waited as long as I could to see about surgery and now I ask myself, "WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?!!" For the first time in my life my legs are the same length, I don't walk with a limp, and I have NO PAIN. My entire experience with Dr. Wright has been amazing. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone needing help and I do. The entire office is a great facility. Dr. Wright is an amazing surgeon with a great bedside manner and truly cares about what he does. He is the best!! Thank you Dr. Wright!!

- Michelle Wiseman

Jan. 2019

Fantastic - very impressed with Dr. and his entire staff are great, attentive, responsive, and very caring!

- Jeffry White

Jan. 2019

I have had the best care, info, and experience from Dr. Wright and his crew along with the stay at Good Sam's. Highly professional care. Five stars *****. Loved the class also!!!!

- Sharon Muirhead

Dec. 2018

The double partial knee replacement has been a life changer. Thank you Dr. Wright for a wonderful outcome.

- Kent Aden

Dec. 2018

I loved it. Thanks for giving me my life back. I hope I don't go through it again but if I was to, it would be here. :)

- Ron Brumbaugh

Dec. 2018