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Family Medicine practitioners provide continuing, comprehensive health care for individual family members of both genders and all ages. By placing special attention on the family as a group, the Family Medicine practitioner provides more integrated care to all patients within a family.

  • Family Medicine practitioners emphasize disease prevention and wellness by: recommending preventive tests
  • coaching patients to change health behaviors so they don't develop the conditions they're at risk for
  • monitoring chronic conditions to prevent further complications

When a referral to a specialist is necessary, the Family Medicine practitioner collaborates with the specialist, coordinating the patient's healthcare and serving as the patient's advocate in all care settings. 

CHI Health Clinic Good Samaritan

Jenna Derr, MD

Family Medicine, Primary Care

Brittani E. Moeller, DO

Primary Care, Family Medicine

Danielle L. Wooldrik, DO, CAQSM

Family Medicine, Primary Care, Sports Medicine