CHI Health Clinic Services

Adult Medicine

Our physicians recommend an annual physical for all patients. This is an excellent time for the doctor to screen for illnesses as well as for patients to ask questions about their health issues. The types of screening are dependent of the gender, age and family history of the patient. If you have an illness you are concerned about, your physician can discuss a screening that’s appropriate for you. For chronic health issues, your physician may want to see you at three, four, or six-month intervals. The physicians in this practice believe it is important to monitor these chronic illnesses to pick up on possible complications of your illnesses or side effects of medication therapy. Find a Primary Care Provider.

Well Women Care

We provide a full spectrum of well woman care. This includes the full preventative exam, hormone replacement care, gynecologic care, gynecologic procedures and the treatment of menstrual disorders. Due to insurance guidelines, only one well woman exam may be covered each year. It is very difficult for anyone but your insurance company to guarantee the benefit and payment of service. It is the patient’s responsibility to understand their policy. Our staff will aid you in making this exam at the right time when you call. If you are not covered by insurance, please ask the front desk or your provider about obtaining assistance. Find a Women's Health Provider.

Pediatric and Adolescent Care

We provide comprehensive healthcare to our younger patients, including routine preventative services and care of acute illness. The preventative exams include counseling on childrearing, childhood development and a time for parents to ask questions. We provide the full complement of immunizations recommended by the Centers for Disease Control, American Academy of Family Physicians and American Academy of Pediatrics. If your child requires a sports or camp physical, our physicians will do a full preventative exam. It is important to make sure the child or adolescent is physically fit for these activities, but it is also important to screen the child for illness or health issues they may be experiencing. If you have any questions about what the physical will include, please discuss it with your doctor or their staff. Patients age 18 (age 17 in Iowa) or younger must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian, or carry a notarized note for permission to be treated. Find a Pediatrician.

Geriatric Care

It is beneficial for family members to help in the communication and monitoring of the health of our elderly patients. If the patient resides in a nursing home or assisted living facility, we see the patients in the office. Some physicians in the practice do nursing home rounds while others do not. Please feel free to discuss this with your physician. Find a Geriatric Medicine Provider.

Laboratory and X-Ray

We have onsite laboratory and X-ray facilities. Sometimes patients will need to have lab work completed prior to the appointment, and this can be scheduled with the nursing staff. If your physician orders fasting lab work, it is important not to have anything to eat or drink except your medications and water. Coffee or sodas can make some lab values inaccurate. HOSPITAL CARE We work closely with hospitalists and primary care physicians to provide inpatient hospital care to our patients. If you have concerns about your hospital care or which physician will attend to you there, please discuss this with your primary care physician. 

Behavioral Services

Outpatient mental health and substance abuse services are available for children age 6 or older, adolescents, adult and geriatric clients. Clients use our services to help them deal with a variety of daily stresses and life situations, in addition to helping those with more intensive disorders. Our psychiatric physicians and behavioral therapists are skilled in working with ADHD, bipolar, developmentally disabled, anxiety disorders, chronically mentally ill, schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, and a range of other psychiatric disorders. Please talk with your care team if you feel you would benefit from talking to our Behavioral Care team. Find a Behavioral Care Provider.

Telephone Medicine

Telephone medicine is the prescribing of medicines to a patient without a physical evaluation. The physicians in this practice prefer to examine and interview you in the office prior to any prescription medication being considered. While there are some rare exceptions, please understand that it is in your best medical interest if you are asked to be evaluated in the office.

After-Hours Call and Refill Requests

Understandably, there will be times when you will need to access your physician after hours. We all have emergencies, and our physicians are committed to being accessible to you. If refills are needed, please call during office hours or have your pharmacist fax or contact us with a request. We will respond to the request after completing a review of your medical record. Usually, if you run out of refills, it typically means you are due for an office visit or laboratory evaluation. The physicians in this practice will not refill narcotic medications after clinic hours or on the weekend due to the controlled nature of these drugs.