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CHI Health at Home Named HomeCare Elite for 2017
CHI Health at Home in Omaha, NE and Lincoln, NE were both named as a Top Agency for 2017
8 CHI Health Hospitals Named Safe Sleep Hospital Champions 12/08/2017
Losing a few pounds? 8 reasons to celebrate
Trimming 5% off your total weight can boost your health in 8 significant ways.
15 Money-Saving Health Tips
A healthier you can be wealthier too when you take these steps toward wellness.
Virtual Care Saves the Day
CHI Health Virtual Care providers are available online to treat what ails you from the comfort of home
Virtual Care Offers Real Relief for Many Ailments
Imagine receiving health care from the comfort of your own home. No dragging yourself or your child out of bed to sit in a waiting room.
Same-day Appointments Available with OB/GYN Providers 11/27/2017
CHI Health Live Colonoscopy
CHI Health Gastroenterologist performed a live colonoscopy on KETV news.
Celebrate the New Year with a Free Calendar from CHI Health
Pick up your FREE calendar at the main information desk in the lobby at a CHI Health hospital campus near you
Men’s Top 5 Health Concerns
Men need to change their mindset and remember that regular checkups are not about fixing a problem, but, rather, about maintaining good health.
Tired after Turkey? Don't Blame the Tryptophan
What a typical Thanksgiving spread does to your body, plus 10 tips for bouncing back from that holiday “food coma.”
The Pacemaker of the Future is Here at CHI Health Today 11/01/2017
And You Thought He Was Just Being Whiny!
True or false? Men suffer more and have worse flu symptoms than women.
Supermarket All-Stars
Shop the grocery store's perimeter to find most foods on this list of nutrient-dense standouts.
The Hidden Pitfalls of Social Media - Are You Caught in the "Social Media Trap?"
Don't let social media breed self-hate and feed insecurities.
Depression vs. Sadness - What's the Difference?
In a culture where the term depression is thrown around as a synonym for sadness the line can be blurred about the differences between sadness and the
Helping Patients Walk Again
New exoskeleton technology is helping patients walk again.
Ready for District One Sports Again After Big Scare
CHI Health Sports Medicine providers helped Maddie get back on the court.
No Glasses to View the Solar Eclipse? We've Got You Covered
Maybe you didn’t find proper eclipse glasses, or you want to be on the extra safe side. You can enjoy the eclipse without even facing the sun. Here’
9 Ways to Reduce Your Alzheimer's Risk
Is it possible to sidestep Alzheimer’s? Can lifestyle changes make a difference? You can certainly help reduce the risk with the right actions.
Baby in a Hurry - Employees Help with Surprise Delivery
CHI Health doctors were able to help a woman give birth outside of CUMC Bergan Mercy Hospital.
I Would Have Bled Out in Three Minutes
Our top trauma team were able to save Hank Hansen's life.
How to Identify a Toxic Relationship
Difficulties are inevitable, even in the strongest unions. But too often, a relationship can become precarious or even dangerous.
Getting Her Life Back After a Traumatic Brain Injury
Millions of people suffer brain injuries every year, many from car accidents. The worst can lead to permanent brain damage or even death.
CHI Health’s Victory Soccer Clinic
Children in grades 5-8 are invited to join us for a soccer drills and skills camp.
Why It's Important to Know if you have Dense Breasts
A new state law requires providers to let patients know if they have dense breasts. Learn why it's important to know.
‘Monumental Transformation’ Means Better Patient Care, Improved Medical Education and Faster Research Advances
Imagine an entire system that revolves around your health and wellness. That’s what CHI Health is building with its new Academic Health System.
Sleep & Dreams – Why are they necessary?
Sleep and dream sciences are advancing quickly. We share some facts of how our brains work as we sleep.
Don’t fall into the “healthy” food trap.
How to escape the false promises behind “light” and “low-fat” food labels and “healthy” fads.
Creighton University Featured Scholar
Learn more about how Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Matthew Dilisio aproaches orthopedic care.
CHI Health Live Bicep Tenodesis Procedure
CHI Health Orthopedic specialist performed a live bicep tenodesis precedure on KETV news.
A New Era of Healthcare
CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center’s move to University Campus and the Bergan Mercy campus created a lot of excitement and attracted a l
When it's Life or Death Every Day
Learn about the Inner Workings of a Level I Trauma Center
CUMC Closed, Two New Facilities Opened on June 9
CUMC on 30th Street closed on Friday, June 9. The Emergency Department at University Campus at 24th and Cuming opened at 7 a.m. that day.
Trauma Symposium to Feature Latest Advances in Saving Lives
June 16th trauma symposium hosted by CHI Health and Creighton University.
Getting Help for Stroke Patients -- Even Faster
Telemedicine is becoming an innovative way to help stroke patients.
6 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Makes You Healthier
Can this pantry staple produce weight loss, clearer skin, better blood sugar and more? Find out the facts on this folk remedy.
10 Ways to Cut Calories Quick
A few helpful ways to cut unhealthy calories quick!
New medical procedure changing things for stroke patients
CHI Health, Interventional Neurologist Vishal Jani, MBBS is the first neurologist in the state to perform thrombectomies.
Operating a Hospital with Construction All Around
Construction on the CHI Health Academic Medical Center is almost complete, and the CHI Health team has made it look easy!
Highlights of Live Sphenocath Procedure with Dr. Chad Eicher
Dr. Chad Eicher performed a live sphenocath procedure on KETV this week, which helps patients suffering with migraines.
Having This Conversation Could Save a Life
What if everyone talked more openly about mental health? Four ways to break the ice about depression and your mental health.
Nature’s Hitchhiker: Ticks
How to prevent tick bites, properly remove an attached tick, and when to worry about Lyme disease.
A Serious Condition Many of Us Don’t Even Know We Have
Patent foramen ovale (PFO) can happen to one-fourth of babies born.
Mother Goose (and Hubby) Pick Lakeside for Their Maternity Care
A pair of geese parents make their nest near CHI Health Lakeside Hospital.
Decoding the Mystery of Dreams
Our culture may describe dreams in poetry and song, but a Creighton University School of Medicine neurologist is interested in dreams as way to explor
Time Capsules Give Glimpses into Hospitals' Legacies
A glimpse into the past of various Catholic Health hospitals.
These 6 Things Could Put Your Life at Risk
Take care of your heart and yourself. Start by making the following lifestyle changes.
Heart Surgery Can Help More Patients Than Ever 04/06/2017
Bid Adieu to Scar Tissue
St. Elizabeth Burn and Wound Center is Nebraska's only verified burn center and home to the region's only SCAAR FX™ advanced laser treatment for scars
Are You Skinny Fat?
With the American obsession on being “skinny,” many of us are actually undermining our health. Cardiologists say we should be striving for “fit,” not
Doing This One Thing Can Make You Happier
Do you want to be happier? There’s one simple way to achieve that goal - get moving.
Before Baby Bump: 10 To-Dos -- and a few Don’ts -- for Prospective Moms
When you’re trying to get pregnant, the “don’t” list can be overwhelming. Don’t believe what you hear without checking with an expert.
Superhero Sunday Salutes the Family on May 7
CHI Health is saluting everyday Superhero families with an afternoon of free festivities!
Measles Case Confirmed In Nebraska
An individual who recently spent time in Omaha and Blair has been diagnosed with a confirmed case of measles.
New Baby App Takes the Questions out of Pregnancy
CHI Health's app called My Baby's Journey helps expecting mothers with their pregnancy cycle.
Couple Celebrates 70th Wedding Anniversary in the Hospital
A local couple spends their 70th anniversary together in the hospital.
10 Things to Expect Before, During and After Weight-Loss Surgery
Bariatric surgery is permanent and will change the way you eat for the rest of your life. For that reason, mental preparation and commitment to life
Tracking Antibiotic Use for Patient Safety
Overuse of antibiotics can cause some patients to become resistant.
2017 Midlands Community Health Fair
CHI Health Midlands Health Fair Saturday, April 1, 2017 7:30-10:30 a.m. offers free and low-cost health screenings, lab tests, information
Nightmare Revisited but This Time, Baby Survives
CHI Emergency teams save the life a mother and her unborn child after a car accident.
Thank Your Doctor - National Doctors' Day is March 30
If doctors have made a difference in your life, consider sending them wishes for a happy Doctors' Day. Let them know you appreciate all that they do i
Once-Unpopular Tourniquets Saving Lives Today
At least one law enforcement agency is outfitting its deputies with life-saving tourniquets.
Revolutionizing Stroke Care, Giving Patients Hope
A procedure called mechanical thrombectomy is now proving even more successful for stroke patients.
Skip the Gym and Go Outside
Skip the gym and use your local playground to get a great workout
Google Glass Brings Doctors Closer to Patients
Rather than toggle between talking and typing, Dr. Gupta now wears a Google Glass headset. Through its lens, a scribe thousands of miles away observes
Yo Yo Dieting: Why it Doesn’t Work, How it Can Hurt You
Yo-yo dieting can do more harm to your body than help.
1 in 3 Has Pre-diabetes. Can You Beat It?
Pre-diabetes can be reversed with healthy diet and exercise.
New Reconstructive Options for Breast Cancer Patients
DIEP flap procedure allows breast cancer patients to use their own belly fat to reconstruct their breasts.
The Breast Cancer Education Act
Patients who undergo surgery for breast cancer have the right to reconstruction.
Looking into CHI Health's Future
CHI Health is creating a new academic medical system at two locations.
Teaming Up to Fight Childhood Obesity
CHI Health Community benefit team works with Live Well Omaha to keep kids and families healthy.
CHI Health Providers Swamped with Norovirus Cases
The Norovirus is sweeping the metro area
5 Ways to Break the Cycle of Emotional Eating
If you raid the fridge when you’re stressed or upset, that’s called emotional eating.
Groom’s Mom is Sick; Wedding Held at Hospital
Groom’s Mom is Sick; Wedding Held at Hospital
Improve Your Heart, Improve Your Mind
Dr. Gina Mentzer speeks with KLKN news in Lincoln about the connection between our heart health and our cognitive health.
Popular Anchor Delivers First Baby: Meet Michael!
Popular news anchor delivers first baby at CHI Health Bergan Mercy
CHI Health Lakeside Awarded Prestigious Perinatal Care Certification from the Joint Commission
Lakeside Hospital receives the Perinatal Care Certification from The Joint Commission.
Life's Simple 7
There are seven simple ways to keep your heart healthy; CHI Health docs speak to these tips.
New CUMC facility is just what the doctor ordered for north Omaha
Creighton University Medical Center is closing it's doors and moving to a new facility on 24th and Cumming
A Heart Condition Many of Us Don't Even Know We Have
One in four may need treatment for a patent foramen ovale (PFO).
How to Use Your Hand to Measure Portion Sizes
Did you know you can use your hand as a guide for
17 Tips for 2017
What are you doing to help improve your health? Use these 17 tips to make 2017 a healthy year.
Lasting Hope Recovery Center re-opens
Lasting Hope Recovery Center re-opens after sustaining water damage
CHI Health Can Help You Lose Weight!
From nonsurgical to surgical options, CHI Health offers several ways to help you lose weight.
Nurses Play Santa to Patient's Wife
Roger Pendleton has been in and out of the Intensive Care Unit at CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center since early November. Realizing that
Lasting Hope Sustains Water Damage
Lasting Hope Recovery Center transferred 45 patients this afternoon to five area hospitals after a pipe broke at a neighboring building
Do you know which fats and carbs are healthy?
CHI Health dietitian explains the benefits and downfalls of the three major macronutrients - proteins, carbs, and fats.
Doctors, Nurses, Security Officers, Janitors and More Team Up to Feed the Homeless
CHI Health locations teamed up to collect 23,000 pounds of non-perishable food to donate to the Siena/Francis House.
Everything You Need to Know about the Probiotics Craze
Do you really understand what probiotics are and what they do?
Yo Yo Dieting Can be Dangerous
Before you set out to lose the extra pounds in the New Year, listen to this warning from a CHI Health dietitian.
Shocked 17 Times, Patient Thankful to be Alive
Steve Royer boarded and airplane and passed out, needing to be shocked 17 times to be revived.
My Baby's Journey Maternity App
The My Baby's Journey Maternity App guides you through your pregnancy, week by week.
CHI Health Bergan Mercy Among Lowest for Heart Attack Deaths
Bergan Mercy among the top hospitals for heart-attack patients
Getting our Athletes Back in the Game
CHI Health athletic trainers often are on the scene when student-athletes are injured during games.
Exercise or Diet?
Nutrition and exercise are the double helix of a fit body. Health care professionals consider them tightly linked.
Why CHI Health is an Industry Leader
CHI Health's brand new Academic Medical Center gets a full interview on KETV's Chronicle
Beat Stress and Tap into your Inner Kid
Coloring is an active form of meditation,” said Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Teresa Eberhart. The Lasting Hope Recovery Center therapist said...
Meniscus Tears: A Common Injury that's Fixable
Meniscus tears are tough to prevent because they're usually the result of an accident, but there are options for fixing them.
CHI Health Employee Becomes Two Millionth Zoo Visitor!
The Henry Doorly Zoo hit it's 2 Millionth visitor, and it so happened to be a CHI Health employee
New Breast Reconstruction Procedure Can Start With a Tummy Tuck
CHI Health has a new procedure for patients needing breast reconstruction.
Women who opt against implants after breast cancer find hope in a reconstructive procedure
Kassandra Garrett underwent a double mastectomy and DIEP flap procedure after a Paget's disease diagnosis
Naughty Santa: A Dietitian’s Nightmare
A CHI Health dietitian considers the ways Santa should stay healthy all year round.
Why Other Health Care Systems Will Be Checking Us Out
Tune in to KETV on Sunday, December 11 at 10 a.m.
How to Eat Healthy at Holiday Parties
8 tips for How to Eat Healthy at Holiday Parties
Morning Blend features the CHI Health Shoulder Center
Dr. Matthew Dilisio talks to KETV about the CHI Health Shoulder Center.
Menopause Expert: Don’t Settle for "Normal"
Dr. Harper-Harrison discusses options to help with menopause.
Incontinence: You Can Do Something about It
Don't settle for the embarrassment of incontinence - sufferers have many options.
Watch a Live Carpal Tunnel Procedure During a Newscast!
CHI Health orthopedic surgeon performs a carpal tunnel surgery live on tv
University Campus Nears Completion
The University Campus building nears completion as part of CHI Healths new Academic Health System
Welcome, Little Ones!
Learn about the Sacred Hour and more from Dr. Margaret Beran and lactation specialist Katie Offenbacker on the Morning Blend
Minions Overtake NICU on Halloween 10/31/2016
Virtual Care 101
Thinking of using Virtual Care but not sure it's right for you? CHI Health's Frank Mandrakas and Dr. Daniel Pearson tell Morning Blend viewers why it'
How to Avoid Gas, Bloating and Flatulence
You can avoid many digestive problems simply by making better food choices.
Attitude of Gratitude Can Make You Healthier and Happier
Thankful people, those who practice gratitude daily, enjoy added health benefits over their not-so-grateful counterparts.
How to Make Willpower Work for You
Strengthen your willpower in the same way you would strengthen your muscles.
Bob Grenier Pharm.D. Talks with the Morning Blend about What can Help your Sniffles
Do you suffer from the sniffles? Bob Grenier PharmD. discusses common over-the-counter solutions for when you are feeling ill.
Yes, Really, You Can Beat Burnout
“Burnout is something different for everyone. Overall, it seems to occur when people are going at a fast and heavy pace in life for too long.
A life-saving symphony: After an Omahan suffered a heart attack, a series of caregivers played their parts beautifully 10/19/2016
Dr. Katherine Mendlick Talks with the Morning Blend about 3-D Mammography
3D mammography is now available at a number of our campuses. Find out if it's right for you!
Dr. Joseph Thibodeau Talks with the Morning Blend about Life-Saving Heart Procedures
CHI Health's Dr. Thibodeau discusses everything from simple trips to the cardiologist to innovative, life-saving procedures.
Dr. Michael J. McNamara Talks with the Morning Blend about Lakeside Breast Health Center
Dr. Michael McNamara discusses the Lakeside Breast Health Center on the Morning Blend.
CHI Health Has You Covered No Matter What the Hour 10/11/2016
ATV Crash Almost Paralyzed Her 10/11/2016
Dr. Eric Van De Graff Talks with the Morning Blend on Heart Failure
CHI Health Cardiologist Eric Van De Graaff explains on the Morning Blend that there is a longer life expectancy for today's heart failure patients
Dr. Scott Carollo Talks with the Morning Blend on Women's Heart Attack Symptoms
Women’s heart attack symptoms are very different from men’s. Knowing the danger signs could save your life!
Young Mom Walking Again after Brain Tumor Surgery
Ariele Hannah gets more mobile and closer to her normal routine, after losing feeling in her leg and foot this spring.
Healthy Ways to Help Prevent Breast Cancer
There are ways to stay healthy, boost your immunity and lower your risk of first-time and recurrent breast cancer.
Patient Recovering after Falling 35 Feet into Ravine
Marge Cook didn't think falling into a ravine was a big deal until she started counting her fractured bones.
Quick No-Cook Meals
If you're looking for a few easy and healthy options, try some Quick No-Cook Meals
Are You Missing Out on Your Life?
It is possible that smartphones are causing many to miss out on their life. Lisa Peterson, MA gives some options to help us focus on the now.
Nebraska Heart Rated Five Star Hospital
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) confirmed the excellent care when they rated Nebraska Heart a five star hospital.
Big Hit as Walkers Hit the Trails
More than a thousand people signed up for CHI Health’s Sidewalk Marathon that began Monday, September 12th.
The One Doctor You Really Need
Studies show that access to a primary care doctor can help people feel better and live longer.
6 Brain-Boosting Tips
Ways to stave off dementia…and maybe even be smart enough to help with your kid's homework
Had a Junk Food Day? Ate Too Much Cheesecake? Try the 7-Day Reset Plan
Don’t give up on healthy eating and don’t be too hard on yourself. Try the 7-Day Reset Plan instead.
Why Everything You Thought You Knew about Peanut Butter is Wrong
Peanut butter is a powerhouse of nutrients, including protein, healthy mono and polyunsaturated fats, Vitamins E and B6, magnesium and potassium.
Two Hours After Stroke, "Miracle" Patient Talks
Deann Prelle clutched the counter as she watched the mail fall all over the floor. It didn’t occur to her she was having a stroke.
New Intensive Care Unit is Bigger and Better, State-of-the Art 08/02/2016
7-Year-Old Twins Raise $600 for Relay For Life
The twins, children of Bob and Amanda Wellman, presented $600 to the Relay for Life team. Their mother, Amanda, is director of Oncology & Infusion...
Cancer Patients, Families, Survivors Paint
Cancer patients, families, caregivers, and survivors came together Wednesday at CHI Health Bergan Mercy.
More and More, Schools Use Simulators to Teach Students
Patients don’t want to be practice dummies for medical students, so health care organizations increasingly are using real dummies.
CHI Health Moves Away from Fee-for-Service Payment Method
CHI Health and its UniNet contracting program will engage in an “accountable care” arrangement with United Healthcare.
New Academic Medical Center is Taking Shape
Amid the medicine, caring and healing happening at Creighton University Medical Center Bergan Mercy is planning, configuring and building.
Rushing to Help: It’s What We Do!
Every day, CHI Health employees are unsung heroes for the work they do and the excellent care they provide. Here’s just one example of how our heroes
Pokémon Go Players, Others Overdoing it Amid Heat Wave – and Ending up in Our Emergency Departments
Heat advisories have been dominating the local news this week. CHI Health physicians, including Dr. Peter Daher and Dr. Adrian Dreesen have been...
Metabolism Dragging? What You Might be Doing Wrong
Slowing metabolism? Consider that you may be inadvertently making your own problem worse. Here's how to fix it.
Can a Simple Smell Cure What Ails You?
Smells can make your mouth water, turn your stomach or bring on a flood of memories. So it shouldn’t be a stretch to believe smells can also heal.
Help for Parkinson’s Patients at CHI Health
CHI Health has several programs that can help those patients delay the progression of Parkinson's
Five Ways to Have a No-Bummer Summer
Summertime means spending a lot of time outdoors. If you don’t take proper precautions, your summer fun might turn into summer sickness.
Only the Best for our Patients: MRI Travels 5,000 Miles
The new Academic Medical Center will be the go-to place for tomorrow’s health care; a 10,000-pound-plus MRI was hoisted into the complex.
The Importance of Cancer Screenings
Being screened for specific kinds of cancer is part of maintaining good health. “Screening is crucial to finding cancer at the early stages...
How to Avoid Heat Stroke
Fun in the sun is one of the best things about the summertime — but warm temps mean you can easily be exposed to too much of a good thing.
How to Prevent Sunburn
UV rays are at their strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., so to avoid sun overexposure, find a shady spot if you’re outside during these hours.
How to Practice Water Safety
Whether at a pool, lake, river or ocean, here are some common water safety tips, offered by a CHI Health Child Safety coordinator
How to Avoid Mosquito and Tick Bites
Bug bites are not only annoying, but can also cause disease. CHI Health physician Jim Smith says it’s wise to be wary of the Zika virus
How to Prepare and Store Summertime Food
Everyone loves a summer barbecue, but a good time can take a turn for the worse if proper food preparation and storage isn’t followed.
Is a Five-Minute Run Enough? Surprise – Could Be!
It’s great news for those who try to fit workouts in their busy schedules. A little can do a lot.
7 Hidden Truths About Processed Foods
Processed foods make up between 70 and 80 percent of what most Americans eat. Find out how this impacts your body.
His Life Changed in A Split Second, And Now a Painful Fight to Regain Use of His Hand After Fireworks Accident
Chris Wathor sold fireworks and shot them off for years, but a blast in April mangled his hand. Now he struggles to use a screwdriver
Three CHI Health Hospitals Receive Achievement Awards for Stroke Care
he American Heart Association Award recognizes CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center, CHI Health St. Elizabeth and CHI Health Good Samaritan.
University Campus Progress
As you travel to downtown Omaha for a concert or event, check out the progress on our new building at 24th & Cuming, home of Creighton University Medi
After Being Given 5 Percent Chance of Survival, Shooting Victim is Back on Her Feet
Novich’s family had been told by doctors at the Creighton University Medical Center that the 21-year-old shooting victim had about a 5 percent chance
CU Medical Center’s Move to Bergan Will Lead to Even More Job Openings
CHI Health will need more employees, not fewer, when Creighton University Medical Center moves to the Bergan Mercy Medical Center campus a year from n
Dr. Balters Receives Prestigious Award
Dr. Balters Receives The Leonard Tow Humanism Award, which is is presented to outstanding faculty members at medical schools across the country.
Patient’s Unique Thank You to Trauma Doc 06/20/2016
Zika Virus Worries? Here's How to Have a Safe Summer Pregnancy
If you're pregnant or planning to start a family soon, you no doubt have concerns about the Zika virus. How can you avoid it? Should you avoid travel
Bergan is 14th Hospital in U.S. to Earn Perinatal Care Certification
Bergan Mercy is the second hospital in Nebraska to attain the recognition and the first of CHI hospitals nationwide.
Gym-goers' Quick Action and AED Saves CHI Health Patient's Life
Many people can’t tell you what “AED” stands for (automatic external defibrillator) but more and more are learning that AEDs save lives.
Mental Health: Myths Vs. Facts
There are many misconceptions around mental illness. Mental health is such an important part of a person’s well being. This infographic addresses so
Photos of Now-healthy Kids, Born Premature, Give Hope to Families with Newborns in Bergan Mercy NICU
These twins don’t remember their stay in the CHI Health Bergan Mercy Neonatal Intensive Unit but their mom and dad do. It’s a tough time for parents
Bergan Mercy Hospital Unveils Hallway of Hope
For parents and babies alike, being in the neonatal intensive care unit can be unpredictable. Some begin to lose hope, but Bergan Mercy Hospital is wo
Is Latest Diet Craze Right for You?
Your best friend’s lost 20 pounds on a new diet and you’re miserable just looking at your bathing suit.
7 Reasons You May Be Tired All the Time
Fatigue is a very nonspecific complaintIt means different things to different people. For some it means exhaustion.
Dr. Kalyana Nandipati talks about Non-surgical Bariatric Surgery Options - The Morning Blend
New options are available to those considering bariatric surgery. One of them can help those who are 50 pounds overweight; another helps those who...
Artist Honors Officer Kerrie Orozco
With paint and patience, Freddy Rinicone worked for weeks to create this life-sized tribute to Omaha's most recent fallen officer.
7 Sun Safety Tips
The American Cancer Society estimates that 1,000 new cases of melanoma will be diagnosed in Iowa in 2016 and 470 will be diagnosed in Nebraska.
CUMC Property Pending Sale, Redevelopment
Helping the Homeless Avoid Strokes, Stay Healthy
Nurses from the CHI Health Bergan Stroke Units do monthly health checks at the Siena/Francis House – especially for blood pressure and stroke risk.
CHI Health Midlands Hosts First Receiver’s Training
The First Receiver's Training Program held recently at Midlands features an interview with Scott Pickering.
2016 Trauma Symposium Set for June 17th
Learn the latest about trauma care from experts who have lectured and saved lives around the world.
CHI Health Honors Fallen Police Officer Kerrie Orozco with a Horse of Honor
CHI Health is honored to sponsor a special tribute to her legacy as part of a memorial for all fallen Omaha police officers--Horses of Honor.
Horses of Honor Tribute for Slain Officer
The CHI Health community felt the loss of Sgt. Jason Pratt in 2003 as if he were family – his wife Stacy worked at the time as an ICU nurse at Immanue
Five Ways to Reduce Your Stroke Risk
Up to 80 percent of strokes can be prevented. Here are some ways you can reduce your risk
After 22 Years, Victory Boxing Head Coach Retires
For the past 22 years, John Determan, Security Manager at CHI Health Immanuel, has been head coach at Victory Boxing of 30th and R in Omaha.
Construction Time Lapses Show Progress
As CHI Health’s Level I Trauma Center moves to the new Academic Medical Center at the Bergan Mercy campus, the new center at 24th and Cuming will have
Dr. Clough Discusses Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatments on The Morning Blend
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can wreck your sleep and make even simple tasks like buttoning a button difficult.
Path to Nursing Career Began in Medical Records Department
As a secretary, I saw these incredible nurses saving these lives,” said Ayers. “I knew right then that that’s what I wanted to do.
Stress Less: Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?
Know that anxiety and stress is our body’s way of saying we need to attend to this specific situation. It's perfectly natural to have these feelings.
'It’s my way of releasing it all': After tornado killed her daughter, Pilger woman found strength in running
Day after day, Kandi Murphree laces up her running shoes and ventures out into town, memories of her daughter at every street she crosses.
Dreading Swimsuit Season? Here are Some Last Minute Tips
There are still some things you can do so you feel better when you reach for that two-piece or your favorite pair of shorts.
Without 100-pound weight loss, Omaha man certain heart attack would have killed him. Now he's stronger than ever.
Michael Leahy had a heart attack — after he had lost nearly 100 pounds through diet and exercise. “I couldn’t believe it. I was mad.
New Therapy Removes Skin Cancer Without Surgery
Nine months ago, Maggie was reading the Lincoln Journal Star article about a non-surgical skin cancer treatment called High-Dose Rate Brachytherapy
This Baby Waits for No Storm
As tornado sirens sounded, nurses raced the expectant mom to safety – from birthing room to an operating room in the interior
NICU Therapy Helps Preemies Thrive
Having a baby in the neonatal intensive care unit is tough, but CHI Health Bergan Mercy offers some important extras so baby can be healthier...
Couple Names Daughter After ‘Amazing’ Nurse
The Sauers say Simpson, an ICU nurse, played a big role in saving Drake’s life several years ago.
Surprising Foods that are Loaded with Fat
You already suspect that fast food – like the Burger King Double Whopper with cheese, medium fries and chocolate shake you had yesterday – isn’t goo
Local Doctor Prints 3D Ultrasound Pictures
Have you seen the YouTube video of the blind expectant mom who’s able to feel her unborn baby’s face through the magic of 3-D printing?
Prince’s Death a Reminder that Alternatives to Blood Transfusions Exist
Legendary artist, Prince was a Jehovah’s Witness needed hip replacements but wouldn’t consider surgery because of his religion.