Benefits Of Mental Health Services For Older Adults

Benefits Of Mental Health Services For Older Adults

If national statistics are accurate, one out of four older individuals suffer from serious emotional difficulties related to aging.

When you consider the facts, imagine how many might be in need of mental health care:

  • Nearly ¼ of the elderly who are described as senile actually suffer from a treatable mental illness.
  • Most older adults live in the community, only a minority of them resides in nursing homes. Of those, about two-thirds have some kind of mental illness.
  • More than 85% of older adults presenting themselves for mental health counseling have been to see a physician within the past 30 days, and many are frequent visitors with a long list of nonspecific physical complaints.

Services for Older Adults:

For many adults, mental health problems, including depression, anxiety, memory loss, confusion, and behavioral changes are symptoms of mental illness that can be effectively treated through psychiatric interventions. The Heritage Centers’ services include:

  • A service overseen by a board certified psychiatrist
  • Better outcomes as psychiatrists are more experienced with potential medication side effects, dosing requirements, and therapeutic needs than most primary care physicians
  • A program providing motivation, understanding and encouraging greater participation
  • Patients receive the most comprehensive range of services in this region
  • Increasing levels of patient interdependence
  • Coordination and connection with community resources

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