Feelings of hurt anger and rage with destructive behavior

Q:   For a while now my attitude has grown to the point where I'm filled with hurt,anger,and rage.Then I can become destructive to myself and things around me.  I just feel the need to tear up things,break glass and even burn (little) things. When I am happy it's not for long and everyone thinks I'm fine,what do you think? I have no idea why I'm like this.

A:    Underlying feelings that go unexpressed often times come out in ways that we cannot understand or explain. You yourself identified feeling hurt and angry yet only expressing the rage.

Perhaps you need to allow yourself to express the hurt and the anger, thus eliminating the rage. This can be a very difficult task and sometimes requires the help of others – IT’S O.K. TO ASK FOR HELP.

Another area to consider is that sometimes when people are depressed they feel vulnerable or weak, and to move out of those uncomfortable feelings they may utilize anger or even rage to feel in control or stronger.

You may want to consider talking to a counselor or a doctor about how you have been feeling and see if they can help.

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