Drug Screening

Finally, A Substance Abuse Program With Real Substance

Companies lose billions of dollars every year because of employee drug abuse. Obviously, chemical dependency is a very real problem in the American workplace, affecting workers of all ages and in all types of jobs. Employees who use alcohol and/or drugs add greatly to the problems faced by employers. By implementing a substance abuse program managed by Alegent Health Occupational Health Services, you can significantly reduce work performance problems, accident rates, absenteeism and tardiness, healthcare costs, grievances and liability. We offer you a comprehensive program:

  • Substance Abuse Screening Program - on site or off. All are in accordance with SAMHSA AND D.O.T. regulations.
  • Post-job offer substance abuse screening program which is still allowed within the ADA regulations.
  • Post-accident substance abuse screening program.
  • Probable cause, or reasonable suspicion, substance abuse program.
  • Scheduled substance abuse program, which is usually performed in conjunction with a yearly physical examination.
  • Rehabilitation substance abuse testing program, designed to monitor the drug-free status of employees who have used illegal or legal substances in the past and are undergoing the rehabilitation process.
  • Assistance with writing company-designed chemical dependency programs.
  • On-site educational programs.

With CHI Health Occupational Health Services you get a program with all the services you need, which can be tailored to fit your specific workplace.

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