Wheelchair Softball

The wheelchair softball team team has multiple organizations that provide sponsorship toward the team throughout the season, to host tournaments, purchase uniforms or equipment and to travel to tournaments, etc. Wheelchair softball is played under the official rules of 16” slow pitch softball as approved by the Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA) with several exceptions. The game is played on a paved surface, usually a parking lot.

Wheelchair SoftballThe team is called the Nebraska Barons and is a member of the National Wheelchair Softball Association.The Barons generally practice once a week during the summer and participate in several tournaments in the Midwest U.S. each year. The Barons were national champions in 2003 and 2004. Who may participate? Generally, anyone with a permanent disability to a lower extremity can play wheelchair softball. Every player needs to be “classified” to determine eligibility and level of disability. Men, women, and children are invited to play on our team.

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Please contact the Therapeutic Recreation Department at 402-572-2276 or email Jena Munson.