Reign Over Me -  Rated "R" for language and some sexual references

This is an offbeat film that will appeal to thoughtful adults who are interested in the psychological and emotional effects of trauma.

The main character, Charlie Fineman, as played by a very likeable Adam Sandler, has become a recluse after the death of his wife and children in 9/11. He reconnects with his former college roommate, Alan Johnson, played by Don Cheadle.

As Alan attempts to help Charlie heal and rejoin life, he finds that Charlie is also helping him to deal with some of his issues—a stifling marriage and boring job.
This is a movie about friendship, rehabilitation and the right of individuals to refuse mental health treatment. It explores the dilemma of well meaning friends and relatives who try to compel Charlie to face and work through his trauma through involuntary commitment. It raises complex questions for us as mental health professionals and for society at large in how best to respond to those who are disabled by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

This movie is not a 9-11 replay. It is thoughtful, slow-paced and poignant. The psychiatrist, played by Liv Tyler, is depicted as competent and caring.

This movie does contain rough language, profanity, some forthright sexual discussion and some emotional outbursts. It would not be suitable for children, but may interest some adolescents, although it is primarily directed towards adults. The musical score will appeal to Baby Boomers.

Submitted by Maggie Kenney LISW 4/2/07