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Mental Health Task Force

The Mental Health Collaborative Task Force connects the congregations and ministries we serve to available mental health resources. Our purpose is to enhance acceptance and social inclusion by ensuring that people with mental health problems can live full, productive lives within the faith community.


The Task Force Benefits Covenant Resources

The Impact of Faith on Recovery
Research has shown that religion can play a significant role in good health outcomes. Patients, Physicians, Clergy, Faith Community Representatives, and Health Administrators now recognize the importance of spiritual resources in the prevention of and recovery from illness. God has called us to provide hope and healing to all of His children, and the Church can provide those with mental illness a place to feel accepted and cared for.

Help and Hope for Those Who are Suffering in Silence
One in four families has a member with a diagnosable mental illness, and many of those who struggle do not seek help because they are ashamed or feel they just need to pick themselves up by their bootstraps. These people do not experience Christ's promise of having life "to the full" because mental illness is still in many corners of society, churches included, viewed as a sign of weakness.

The Church can play an important role in welcoming, empowering, and extending compassion to community members impacted by mental illness. Pastors and Ministry Leaders are often consulted prior to psychiatrists or counselors for issues related to mental health and because of this play a vital role as part of the mental health care team. Mental health has been identified in Douglas and Sarpy counties as an underserved health arena in need of direct intervention.

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