Information for Patients and Caregivers

First Visit – When you come to Alegent Health for your appointment, please bring:

  • Name and address of all doctors involved in your care
  • List of medications and/or nutritional supplements you take and how often a day you take them.
  • Your medical insurance and/or Medicaid/Medicare cards, photo identification such as driver’s license or state photo ID
  • List of all allergies to medicine, food or environment
  • Written authorization from your referring physician if your health plan required one.
  • Copy of your living will/advance directives if you have one
  • Name and phone number of family member or friend to contact in case of an emergency.
  • Written list of past surgeries, hospitalizations and treatments
  • Written list of questions you would like to ask your physician
  • Items to pass the time such as writing materials or handiwork
  • Friend or family member to serve as a “second set of ears.”
    If you will be having a procedure with sedation or staying overnight:
  • Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing
  • Bring glasses, walker, cane, hearing aid and/or case for glasses and hearing aids that are labeled clearly with your name
  • Have someone arranged to take you home who is available to stay with you or look in on you regularly for a day or so.
      Please do not bring:
    • Valuables such as money, jewelry, credit cards or checkbook
    • Electrical appliances such as heating pads or electric shavers