Little Red Riding Hood, sweet Granny, a woodsman and a menacing wolf.  Integral figures in a classic tale we all know so well…or do we?  With a witty twist, this well loved fairy tale is re-told with a strong underlying message about the importance of seeking out the full truth before making conclusions.

Someone has been stealing all of the goodie recipes from the forest snack shops.  Who’s behind these dastardly deeds and what is their motive?  Are the recent happenings at Granny’s house evidence that Granny or “Red” are really evil villains?  Nicky Flippers, private eye, is on the case and walks us through this puzzle of a mystery intertwined with the traditional telling of Little Red Riding Hood.

New, delightful characters and an unsolved mystery make for great entertainment for adults and children alike.  Plan on an evening of smiles and laughter as well as an opportunity for thoughtful conversation afterwards.

For Parents:

Sexual themes or content: None

Violence & Gore: Some mild violence such as “Red” using her martial arts skills to flee from the Wolf and a tussle at Granny’s house are interspersed throughout the movie.  The only real concern of violence might be towards the end of the movie when the Goody Bandit is cornered.

Profanity: Name calling (brat) and a few substitute curse words (schnitzel).

Substance Use: Insinuation of trafficking (muffins instead of drugs)

Questions for Discussion:

1.      Why is it important to listen to all sides of a story?

2.      How did Red handle her feelings of disappointment and betrayal?

3.      Why is it important to be honest?

Other themes for Discussion:

Greed, selfishness, dreams and interests, change.

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