Cancer Counseling

The professional practice of Psycho-Oncology was founded by a psychiatrist-spouse of an oncologist, who observed the large physical and emotional toll anti-cancer drugs can take on a patient.

Today, a cancer diagnosis is treated much differently. At Alegent Health, patients and their families interact with a team of professionals. The Psycho-Oncologist plays an important part of the cancer care team, which includes: physicians in different subspecialties, nurse navigators, cancer support services professionals, dietitians, volunteers, pastoral care representatives, and other professionals.

The diagnosis of cancer often evokes a roller coaster of emotions, from grief, hopelessness, sadness and anger – cancer can affect a person in a variety of ways. As time passes and the condition progresses, these emotions may intensify to the point where they threaten both the patient’s response to treatment and his/her quality of life.

  • Specially-focused cancer counseling to individuals, couples and families in a therapeutic setting
  • Medication management for depression, anxiety and confusion.
  • Individualized treatment plans, including the development of coping skills, strategies for dealing with grief, etc.
  • Treatment of side effects, including fatigue, pain, memory loss and loss of appetite.
Nearly 50 percent of all cancer patients experience significant distress associated with their disease during and/or after treatment. Cancer counseling provided by a psycho-oncologist can help you find balance in your life while you or a loved one are going through cancer care.

Cancer patients who are able to manage their distress have:
  • Fewer side effects
  • Better quality of life
  • Improved compliance with treatment
  • Fewer symptoms of depression or anxiety

Who is it for?
Cancer Counseling program is open to cancer patients, including survivors and regardless of where patients are receiving cancer treatment.

Do I need an appointment?
A referral is not required for this service. If you are interested in learning more about the Cancer Counseling program or would like to make an appointment with Barb Clinkenbeard, call (402) 758-5850 or 717-4717.

Barb Clinkenbeard, Psycho-Oncologist

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