Pregnant Woman Holding Ultrasound Picture and Sunflower

Birth Centers

At CHI Health, our birthing centers are meticulously designed around what’s best for you and your baby, and they are located within full-service hospitals, so you always have the specialized care you need. You’ve got enough on your mind with your new bundle of joy - leave the rest up to us. When it comes time to deliver your baby, we want you to feel right at home!

Our birth centers provide a warm environment where women will find health care that meets their needs, respects their choices and encourages participation. The home-like atmosphere and professional yet personal nature of the staff embody the basic idea that birth is a normal and powerful event.

We help establish an intimate connection through personal prenatal care between the mother, the family and the midwife enhancing the power to give birth that lies within each woman. After delivery, there is no separation between mother and baby, unless unexpected complications arise. All exams and care of the infant is performed in front of the parents so that they may learn more about their baby.

Our Philosophy

CHI Health Birth Centers honor women throughout their lifetime. We believe in the sacredness of pregnancy and birth. We provide evidence based care that is medically safe, holistic and personal. We believe that when women are supported and involved in their care, that they are equipped to make wise decisions for themselves and their family.

Our Birth Centers

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