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Dr. Monson with patient and spouse Bergan Mercy Access Services offers physicians and their staff convenience of combining scheduling and clinical services to efficiently coordinate inpatient and outpatient movement throughout Bergan Mercy Medical Center. 

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One Call Surgery Scheduling - (402) 398-5600 and select option #3

Surgical and Invasive Procedures
Access communicates with physicians and their office staff to schedule surgical, Cath Lab, GI and invasive procedures in the Bergan Mercy Procedure Center. To book a surgery or procedure, please use the forms below:

(To download these forms,  right-click, pull down, and select "Save Target As" and save to your drive.)

One Call Booking Sheet -  Excel format
One Call Booking Sheet -  Word.doc format

Total Joints Booking Sheet

You may fax booking sheets to (402) 398-6959.

Pre-Anesthesia Clinic - (402)343-8721
Part of the pre-operative process is the Pre-Anesthesia Clinic (PAC) to ensure patients are prepared for anesthesia and surgery. Your office may make the PAC appointment on the patient's behalf or instruct patients to make the appointment. The Access nurse will request the following information about the patient:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number, work, home and cell
  • Special needs (language access, if the patient weighs over 400 lbs. etc.)
  • Diagnosis/reason for exam
  • Procedure, test or treatment ordered
  • Date and time preferred
  • Additional information may be requested in some cases.

Get more information and patient instructions at the Pre-Anesthesia Clinic page.

Prior to the patient's surgical procedure, Access staff  pre-registers, assesses and educates surgical patients for their procedures. The Access nurse assists the nursing staff by completing the initial nursing assessment, pre-op education, chart completion including preoperative testing results, a series of questions pertaining to the patient's health and medical history. The Access nurse will reassure and answer any questions the patient may have regarding their procedure and will discuss discharge plans. 

Purple Book buttonDiagnostic Testing - (402) 398-5522

Access nurses communicates with physicians and their office to schedule diagnostic testing.

For your convenience, we have posted patient instructions diagnostic tests. To find patient instructions for a specific test, simply enter a keyword. To get a list of all documents, click "Find."

Don't forget to tell patients to use Valet parking. Go to the main hospital entrance. The Diagnostic center is on the right. Map

Direct Admit - (402) 398-5522  (After hours, call 398-6475)

The Access nurse is available to take physician's admitting orders to ensure treatment is initiated upon the patient's arrival at the hospital. For complex admissions, call (402)398-6475.

We're a part of your team.

At Access Services, we strive to build and maintain close working relationships with physican offices to ensure excellence and inform you about new services at Bergan Mercy Medical Center. One informal event that is held each year is the Fall Frolic. Click here to view photos of the Fall Frolic.