Virtual Psychiatry Services

CHI Health Behavioral Care is committed to increasing access to high quality, cost effective behavioral health care through innovative applications.

Since 2010, the CHI Health Psychiatric Associates team has been providing Virtual Psychiatry services to rural and underserved communities where there is limited access to specialty mental health services.

Virtual Psychiatry can connect patients, psychiatrists, physicians, and other healthcare professionals by video connection over a high-speed network that is secure and private.  

Telemedicine currently provides an array of services, including diagnosis and assessment, medication management, and individual therapy. It also enables consultative services between psychiatrists, primary care physicians and other healthcare providers.

Virtual Psychiatry Sites

  • Clarkson
  • Columbus
  • Corning
  • Kearney
  • Plainview
  • Schuyler
  • Woodbine

Additional clinics will be added in northeast Nebraska and southwest Iowa within the next year. 

How it Works

Telepsychiatry clinics are offered in clinics just as any other medical appointment. The patient checks in and is taken to a regular treatment room where telecommunication equipment is located.

Virtual Psychiatry at Richard Young Behavioral Health Center

Virtual Psychiatry is offered by the Richard Young Behavioral Health Center and the Richard Young Outpatient Clinic in Kearney NE. The Richard Young Behavioral Health Center provides emergency assessments requested by physicians at specific Critical Access Hospitals. Initial psychiatric assessments and follow-up medication management are provided by psychiatrists and nurse practitioners in The Richard Young Outpatient Clinic. Counseling/psychotherapy is provided by a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner. Physician-ordered psychiatric consultations are provided for St. Elizabeth and St. Francis hospital inpatients.

Nurses or other clinic staff set up a video connection with the psychiatrist, and leave the room for the duration of the appointment. When the appointment is over, the connection with the network is discontinued.

Follow-up appointments are made as needed, and contact information is provided in case the patient needs to call the provider between appointments. Any prescribed medications are filled at the patient’s local pharmacy.

How to Access Virtual Psychiatry Services

If the provider wants to refer for psychiatric medication management, counseling, or psycho-therapy, he/she can make a referral through the CHI Health EPIC work queue or call IRL at (402) 717-4673 for help.


CHI Health Tele-Psychiatry Services

Information and Referral Line (IRL):

  • (402) 717-4673

For Clinical or Referral Questions:

  • Natalie Wagner LIMHP LADC
    (402) 717-5550 or
    (402) 717-0466

For Technical Problems:

  • Sharon Lazatin
    (402) 343-4668