Transvaginal Ultrasound
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What is transvaginal ultrasound?

It's a pelvic ultrasound, which is a more efficient way to look at the female reproductive track or the uterus, tubes, ovaries and cervix.

Why is a transvaginal ultrasound performed?

A transvaginal ultrasound is performed for many different reasons. It's used to evaluate abnormal bleeding or abnormal findings on an exam. It can also be used for infertility issues, chronic pelvic pain, or to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy. During pregnancy it's used to date a first trimester ultrasound and to evaluate bleeding.

What should I expect from a transvaginal ultrasound?

You will start with an empty bladder. You will undress from the waist down and then lay on the table. A cover will be placed over the probe or the wand and then inserted into the vagina. A series of pictures or images will be taken. From those images we can determine if there is an abnormality with the uterus, tubes, ovaries, or cervix. The procedure takes about 10 minutes. You will feel some mild pressure but no pain -- and the results are immediate.

What are the risks of a transvaginal ultrasound?

There is minimal risk with this procedure and no exposure to radiation.