Getting Ready for Knee Replacement - CHI Health, Nebraska (NE) - Southwest Iowa (IA)

CHI Health produced these videos which are intended to help prepare you for knee-replacement surgery. They provide information about exercises that will help get you ready for surgery, to prepare and organize your home, know what to bring to the hospital, understand what the surgery entails, and explain how to care for yourself after the surgery.

These videos are not intended to take the place of the class. You will benefit greatly, and will have a better surgical outcome, by attending the class. Feel free to bookmark this page and watch them anytime, especially if you need to refresh your memory about how to perform a particular exercise.

Knee Videos


Chapter 1
Chapter 1 
How to Use Your Book

  • Introduction
  • The Notebook
  • Your Home Evaluation Form

Chapter 2
Chapter 2 
The Joint Replacement Team

  • While You Are on the Joint Replacement Unit
  • Sleep
  • Get Dressed
  • Group Therapy
  • Clothing & Shoe Choices

Chapter 3
Chapter 3
Knee Replacement

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Knee
  • How the Surgery is Performed

Chapter 4
Chapter 4
Before Surgery

  • Preparing Your Home
  • Climbing Stairs Using a Cane, Crutches, or Walker
  • Entering and Exiting a Vehicle
  • Bathing
  • Preparing your Skin for Surgery
  • Medications
  • On the Day of Surgery
(No Chapter 5)

Chapter 6
Chapter 6

  • Length of the Procedure & Recovery
  • Anesthesia

Chapter 7
Chapter 7
After Surgery

  • Oxygen Monitoring, IVs, etc.
  • Physical Therapy
  • Assistance
  • Medications
  • Pain Management
  • Preventing Blood Clots
  • Preventing Nausea and Constipation
  • Washing and Dressing

Chapter 8
Chapter 8
Discharge Instructions

  • Prescriptions
  • Travel
  • Bruising & Swelling

Chapter 9
Chapter 9

  • Pre-operative exercises
  • Quadriceps
  • Short Arc Quad
  • Hip Abduction
  • Heel Slide
  • Adductor Squeeze
  • Long Arch Quad
  • Stretch
  • Sitting Hamstring Stretch
  • Supine Heel Prop
  • Arm Exercises

View Entire Knee Video Series
View Entire Knee Video Series