Fellowship Testimonials and Placement

Preceptor Testimonial

"The Administrative Fellowship program is an essential component of CHI Health leadership development at all levels of the organization. The value for the fellow comes from the opportunity to develop leadership abilities and organizational understanding through a combination of access and accountability. Through their support of the program, the Executive Leadership Team gains insight into the fellow’s development as he or she moves from functioning to flourishing within the organization. The organization benefits from the presence of bright, young leaders coming out of their graduate programs eager to lead and serve as change agents.”

Robertson Cliff Robertson, MD
CEO, CHI Health

Testimonials from Previous Fellows

"The CHI Health Administrative Fellowship provided an outstanding opportunity to “look under the hood” of a complex integrated health system and gain an understanding of how it functions and adapts to the rapidly changing environment. The Fellow works closely with top executives and has the opportunity to develop relationships and work with leaders throughout the organization in a variety of capacities. CHI Health’s commitment to the fellowship and the flexible structure provide for an exceptional learning environment that can be tailored to the Fellow’s specific interests and career goals. The CHI Health Administrative Fellowship experience was, without a doubt, an extremely beneficial platform to launch my career with the organization."

Evans Chris Evans, MHA, FACHE
Administrative Fellowship: 2008-2009
First position: Assistant Administrator-Corporate and Retail Clinics
Current position: Division Director of Emergency Medicine, CHI Health

"The CHI Health Administrative Fellowship proved to be an incredible learning experience for me as an early careerist. It was an invaluable bridge from the classroom to the workforce with a balance of opportunities to observe and lead. The mentorship received, lessons learned and relationships built continue to be beneficial in my current role. CHI Health progressively seeks to improve healthcare for the patients and communities we serve in the region, often leading to change and disruption which in turn creates unique and meaningful fellowship opportunities."

Blum Kristen Blum, MHA
Administrative Fellowship: 2013-2014
First / Current position: Planning and Innovation Strategist, CHI Health Mercy Council Bluffs 

Current and Alumni Fellows

Mooss 2004-2005: Eric Mooss
Graduate School: The University of Iowa
First Position: Operations Director, Radiation Oncology, CHI Health
Current Position: President, Bryan Physician Network, Bryan Health
Muckler 2005-2006: Adam Muckler
Graduate School: University of Missouri
First Position: Financial Analyst, CHI Health
Healthcare Consulting Supervisor, RSM, US LLP
Niver 2006-2007: Nick Niver
Graduate School: The University of Oklahoma
First Position: Manager of the “After-Hours” Clinics, Alegent Health Clinic
Current Position: Vice President, INTEGRIS Health
Smith 2007-2008: Matt Smith
Graduate School: The University of Oklahoma
First Position: Manager of System Clinical Programs, Alegent Creighton Clinic
Current Position: Chief Operating Officer, Crossroads of Western Iowa
Evans 2008-2009: Chris Evans
Graduate School: The University of Iowa
First Position: Assistant Administrator, Retail and Corporate Clinics, Alegent Creighton Clinic
Current Position: Division Director of Emergency Medicine, CHI Health 
Thompson 2009-2010: Nate Thompson
Graduate School: The University of Iowa
First Position: Manager, Volunteers and Business Innovation
Current Position: Chief Executive Officer, Story County Medical Center
defreece 2010-2011: Todd DeFreece
Graduate School: The University of Iowa
First Position: Business Planning Administrator, CHI Health
Current Position: Vice President of Operations and AMC Integration, CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center
Duffy 2011-2012: Meghan Duffy
Graduate School: The University of Iowa
First Position: Strategy and Innovation Administrator, CHI Health
Current Position: Division Director, Strategy and Innovation, CHI Health 
Loutzenhiser 2012-2013: Dan Loutzenhiser
Graduate School: Arizona State University
First Position: Manager, Urgent Care, Retail, and Corporate Clinics, Alegent Creighton Clinic
Current Position: Division Director , Medical Specialties, CHI Health Alegent Creighton Clinic
Blum 2013-2014: Kristen Blum
Graduate School: The University of Iowa
First Position: Planning & Innovation Strategist, CHI Health
Current Position: Clinical Program Coordinator, CHI Health Mercy Council Bluffs
2014-2016: Chelsea Cooling
Graduate School: The University of Iowa
First/Current Position: Planning and Innovation Strategist, CHI Health&nbsp
Padron 2015-2017: Wesley Padron
Graduate School: The University of Missouri
Currently Serving as Administrative Fellow
Cook 2016-2018: Scott Cook
Graduate School: The University of Iowa
Currently Serving as Administrative Fellow